Parents Responsible for Childrens Misdeeds – Yes

Children’s misdeeds, which have become increasing common, are a manifestation of inadequate upbringing by parents. Among the responsibilities of parents are to teach their children morality and ethics. However, in recent years, children and a virtuous upbringing have taken a backseat to careers and the chase for material wealth.

When both parents are occupied by careers and leave the upbringing of children to daycares and babysitters, the children often grow up without a familial connection. There is little to no communication between parents and children, and while the kids are given the latest gadgets and electronics, they lack one essential thing: care. Parents who act as poor role models and are unaware of their children’s behavior are the main reason for youth crime. Even if there is a stay-at-home parent, if not enough attention is given to the children or morals and virtue are not instilled at a young age, the children will be growing up without a sense of ethics. While in some cases, these children acquire a set of ethics as they grow, most do not.

“I think we attribute it to parents who need to pay more attention to their children,” stated Columbia County Juvenile Court Judge Doug Flanagan to the Augusta Chronicle. “The problem almost always starts at home.”

Of course, there are exceptions. There may be the odd child who is raised with morals and ethics throughout their childhood but still commit crimes. The issue here is still in the parenting. While one style of parenting may work wonderfully for one child, the same style may be disastrously ineffective to another. The need is a perfect match between parenting styles and the child’s nature.

While discipline is a difficult thing to figure out, the first step is through fostering a healthy relationship, the main thing that modern families lack. If children are able to communicate smoothly with parents, then they will be able to give honest feedback about the discipline that they are receiving. If they think that their punishment was unfair, they can easily voice their opinions. This is important as it gives parents a chance to look at the child’s though process and to thoroughly explain where the child was at fault.

While most parents are able to provide for their children and give them their material needs, often being able to give them much more than they ever needed, the need for care and accompaniment is ignored. Even parents who have to work all day can foster a good relationship with their children by encouraging dinner-table conversations or having conversations during commercials when watching television.

Socially, youth crime is blamed on parenting, but once a child hits their teen years, they become extremely difficult to restrain. They gain many new privileges and freedoms in hopes that they are mature enough to handle them. If the parenting is done right while they are young, then this should not be an issue. The importance of good parenting is to start young, when the children are still open to accepting new ideas.