Passive Income Work Smart Double Pay

Benefits of passive income are numerous, and they are easy to create. You have heard the hype and the propaganda, but I will show you how to easily do it at no cost to you. If you like to write, and have a decent command of the English language, you can create passive income. This passive income makes your minimum wage job livable, which is welcome by many struggling single parents or households with one income.

Here is what you need.

1.) Computer with Internet connection

2.) The ability to type various articles in the English language with minimal errors

3.) Free accounts on various content driven web sites

4.) Determination and drive to create the passive income

5.) Ability to write multiple articles

Here are things that make it easier

1.) Microsoft Word or Open Office.

2.) High speed Internet connection

3.) Ability to research things on the Internet

Computer with Internet connection

As I stated in the opening paragraph, the passive income makes minimum wage livable. If you are reading this article, then you already have a computer with Internet connection that is the first step. It would be nice to make that Internet connection pay for itself, or perhaps give your family some needed extra income.

Type in English with few errors

If you can type various articles in English with minimal errors, this is great. Open Source Office or Microsoft Office will help you, but you need to have a word processing program on your computer. Every computer sold these days has some form of word processing software, so you already have the software. You can begin now. I would be lost with Microsoft Word, as my grammar is not professional.

The free passive income content sites

The free passive income content sites you need to sign up for are,, and All are free to sign up, and you need to attach a account to them so you can receive these monthly payments. Remember passive income makes your minimum wage job livable.

Drive and determination to create a passive income

You simply need to have the drive and determination to write the articles on a monthly basis. If you have enough articles, passive income makes your minimum wage job livable. Once you get a good flow, you will wonder why you did not do this before. It can pay a household bill or multiple bills if you work hard enough.

Write articles of passive income

The articles you will write all vary in length so they are perfect for anyone who has an interest in many things. has a minimum word count on smaller articles of 400 words, but they can go as high as needed. has a requirement of 400 words but you could write more then that. Even allows you to write short how-to based articles for a small passive income on a monthly basis.

These articles of passive income are ones which you write once and collect monthly as long as you log into the web site at least monthly. After you write and post the articles, the web site pays you a passive income on a monthly basis.