Paternity Fraud and Dna Testing

Should states make DNA testing mandatory in hospitals when babies are born? I think it should be done because you have a lot of women who are pinning babies on men having full knowledge that the child isn’t legally theirs, but they’re seeking someone to take care of the child. How is it fair that women are permitted to do things like this just for a little child support? It’s sad because these men are being duped into believing that the babies that the women they’re dating or married to gave birth to isn’t even legally theirs and the women have withheld the truth until it’s noticeable that the child looks nothing like the man.

You see on Maury Povich the countless women who come on the show telling the men in their lives that the child they have isn’t even theirs. How is that these women can come on national television claiming that the men they slept with are the father and then when Maury reads the test and he says “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER” do these men who are accused of fathering children are being vindicated by the truckload should they have a right to demand a DNA test to prove legally that the child or children in question are legally theirs. Should legislation consider amending the laws to protect men who are unlawfully forced to pay child support for children that’s not theirs biologically or legally adopted? This is a hot topic because so many men are being hit with the responsibility of caring and supporting for children that aren’t even theirs and the woman has full knowledge of that, which leads to another point should women be prosecuted for falsely filing child support motions when they know the man they’re dating or married to isn’t the father of their child.

Illinois attorney Jeffrey Leving has established a law to protect fathers rights since there are that percentage of women who do interfere with visitation when they were ordered to comply with the father’s request for visitation. How come a law hasn’t been ameded along with this one to hold the mothers accountable if they’re found to have falsely identified a man without a proper DNA test to verify legally the paternity of that child or children so that men who aren’t the legal fathers aren’t stuck paying support for a child or children that aren’t even theirs. Where’s the justice in protecting fathers from paternity fraud because women everyday do this as a means to con men out of money, this should be treated as a felony because how can women be allowed to get away with this and think nothing of the man they’re taking advantage of as a means to get some money. A child is not your meal ticket they’re a living, breathing human being and it’s sad when they’re being used as pawns in a woman’s selfish and self-centered goal of gaining something financially for herself and showing little concern for the well being of the child or children in question.

They want to prosecute the men, but what about the women who commit paternity fraud shouldn’t they be prosecuted for fraudulently filing for child support or demanding it when they know full well the child isn’t their boyfriend or husband’s, but another man’s baby. What makes no sense is how these women are looking for pity and sympathy when many of them aren’t even worth the pity since many of them are scandalous to put themselves on national television only to further embarrass themselves when it’s made public that the child or children tested don’t even belong to the man they’re dating or married to.

It’s surprising that state legislators have not considered introducing a bill into law making it a felony for women to falsely file for child support unless the child or children belong to the man they’re naming on the motion to be ordered. It also should be introduced into law where DNA tests are automatically taken at birth to stop women from committing paternity fraud. This kind of law would stop women from doing this to men and to hold them accountable and the men should have the right to sue the woman for any back support they paid for a child that’s not legally and biologically theirs and to be legally held responsible for false paternity without actual proof. This should be a law that should coincide with the current law that Jeffrey Leving had established to protect the visitation of fathers. If women are held accountable the fraud they commit against innocent men who are forced to pay support for a child or children that knowingly aren’t theirs and the man had no idea that his wife or girlfriend got pregnant by someone else and plays it off that the child is her husband or boyfriend’s. Fathers also have a right to know if their child or children are legally theirs, and to know that if a woman uses a baby to seek financial gain falsely should be held liable and to be prosecuted for it.

According to a California newspaper article on the subject of paternity fraud it was stated that the percentage of women committing paternity fraud against men is 40-90% and this is what was said to be done annually against men who are faced with women who are fradulently making claims to seek child support by any means against men who are not the legal and biological father of children they had with other people. This is actually a hot topic because this seems to be an ever growing problem in this world and that women are continuing to be allowed to defraud men of money for children that arent even legally and biologically theirs. The law needs to change to protect men from this worst form of theft and total disregard of the legal system to those who use it honestly to rectify things. Women should be ordered to repay any child support money if they were found to have been commiting paternity fraud. It’s time for the laws to benefit men who are being duped by women for their selfish, self centered, and self serving gain financially.