Personal Finance how to be Smart with your Money

If you are currently pregnant and are going to be staying home for a while or if you are a mom who’s maternity leave is coming to an end and you feel torn between having have to return to work and the need to stay home and take care of your child. Or if you are a parent who is tired of the corporate lifestyle there are many way to have your pie and eat it too.

Many women and man have been able to be successfully self employed without being poor or getting involved in shady businesses. The opportunities are multiple and unfortunately we are taught at an early age that you need to have X amount of schooling and training done before you can establish a name or a position in this world for yourself.

Do your homework and research valid home based business opportunities that are out there and get your feet wet. Don’t go spending crazy amounts of money as many home based business builders frequently start off doing and before they know it their VISA is maxed out!

Be smart, and be safe. Don’t imagine for a second that a home based business is by any means less important than an actual physical one. Also don’t be under the common misconception that people who own home based businesses make gold without working hard enough.

I cannot begin to express my shock at the number of people I have come in contact with who believe that home businesses are quick cash opportunities and are bummed out when they don’t make a thousand dollars within a week of doing nothing and then call it a scam.

To them I say this; If you go to your regular J.O.B. and sit in a chair all day doing nothing, no one will pay you a dime, and you cannot run out yelling I was scammed. The same rules apply everywhere.

So, back to being a smart mother… I have come to know many women who by simple research and knowing their ABC’s have been able to generate an entire income from home, some have actually not only replaced their own income but their spouse’s income as well.

Here are my tips for you:
1- If you are unhappy with your job, find something you are passionate about and invest in it, start off small and see how it goes.
2- If you already work a full time job, pick an opportunity that doesn’t need your full attention 24/7.
3- Do not listen to people who discourage you and fill your head with corporate
World mumbo jumbo talk.
4- I am not telling you to quit your job, please DON’T. Just know that there are
5- Stay away from get rich quick scenarios.
6- Do lots and lots of research if you find a work from home opportunity you like.
7- The Better business bureau tells you nothing about the ethics of a business!
8- Think outside the box.

Everyone is used to the 9-5 drill, so what if you want to make your earnings in a different way? You are not evil for thinking that way, though people might treat you like it. Do it for yourself.