Personal Finance Writing

Helium’s personal finance channel is a resource for those seeking to learn about a variety of financial topics relating to your money. As a resource, the information in the personal finance channel can be used to build an awareness of spending and saving, managing debt, building investments, planning for retirement or understanding insurance among a variety of other pertinent topics.

The personal finance channel provides its visitors and contributors with several useful financial tools including knowledgeable and well written articles, finance topics that are important to you, your money and your life and a place to discuss ideas with other finance minded people.

The value of Helium personal finance articles

Helium’s Personal finance articles are written from a variety of financial, professional, and experiential backgrounds. What this allows is the content of the articles to be more in touch with the human experience and free from the hand of editorial censorship that might accompany a different type of information source. Since the articles are both peer and community rated, the value of that information is assessed with a rank and thus provides readers with a gauge of how useful the information may be.

Writing personal finance articles can also be useful in developing and building writing skills, help one earn ad revenue from Helium’s revenue ad share program. By completing one’s about me page and adding articles to one’s profile a writing portfolio can also serve as a marketing tool or link source to a personal blog, or business website. Also, the more quality articles are contributed to Helium, the better the site becomes in terms of potential web traffic, rapport within the writing community, and as an information source. Articles can also earn through Helium’s revenue share program. For additional methods of making money via Personal Finance Articles check out Helium’s Help Section on How to Earn Money at Helium.

Personal finance topics of interest

In addition to individual writers, the personal finance channel manager team and staff select article topics to write to within the range of personal finance sub-channels. The sub-channels include topic areas such as financial planning, loans, spending and saving, taxes, investing, real estate and debt management. Articles are subsequently reviewed and rated through Helium’s peer rating and steward review process. This process allows for a diversity of information and infusion of financial knowledge that is truly unique and of value because of its distinctiveness. The personal finance topics and content can be of value to readers, writers, and advertisers for a more complete and holistic financial experience. Be sure to check out Helium’s Assignment System for Personal Finance titles with either incentive payments or revenue share.

Freelance assignment system

Occasionally Helium opens titles from various publishers for application via the Freelance Assignment System or Content Source. Writing to these titles offers an opportunity to expand writing styles, achievements and earn extra money if articles are selected for publication. The Marketplace venue often has different writing guidelines than Helium’s main articles allowing writers to gain a greater awareness of publisher goals and needs. Topics featured in Helium’s marketplace have included investing, insurance, mortgages, saving and more. Helium’s content source is a great way to learn new writing skills and techniques.

Member channel forum

To discuss ideas, ask questions or simply take a break from reading articles, the Helium member forum is a good place to be.  Whether it be talking about earnings, getting to know other Helium readers and writers, or sharing ideas on how to make the personal finance channel even better, the personal finance forum is worth a visit. The personal finance channel forum is located in the community area of the helium website and is also a good starting point to becoming acquainted with some of the ins and outs of writing and membership at Helium

The Helium Personal Finance channel can offer a wide variety of people a refreshing new source of personal finance information that is step beyond the rest. Cookie cutter doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to Helium’s way of delivering information and that is to your advantage because it’s about you and your money.


Writing at Helium’s personal finance channel can be a rewarding and enriching experience. The channel offers distinguished information on personal finance topics in addition to an opportunity to develop writing skills, share in a distinctive writing community and participate in Helium’s ad revenue share program. Finding questions to answers is also facilitated through Helium’s community forum, workshops and staff and steward contacts. Participating in Helium’s personal finance channel can be a worthwhile experience for writers, educators, professionals or individuals seeking to learn and grow. For added benefits be sure to market your writing via social media platforms such as Twitter and Google plus.