Pet Insurance Policy

Are you always worried about the health of your little pet? Even if you protect your pet from all dangers, you never know, it might fall sick for which you might have to spend huge amount for its treatment. However, you can be rest assured about its health if you have a suitable pet insurance policy. If you are wondering what pet insurance is, then you can know that it’s like any other insurance policy; you buy certain coverage and decide to pay the agreed upon premiums on time and in turn, the insurer promises to compensate for the coverage listed in the policy.

You might think why pet insurance is required. You can very well spend the required amount for its treatment. But, with the rising cost of medical treatment, won’t it be a wise idea to have a suitable insurance policy for the loved one?

A pet insurance policy usually works like this – You get your pet treated by a licensed vet and pay for the required services. Then, you file an insurance claim regarding the compensation of the said coverage. The insurance company assesses the documents and pays you the amount after certain deductions, as mentioned in your insurance policy.

Most of the insurance companies provide insurance coverage for cats and dogs. However, if you like to keep exotic birds, you might shop around for the most suitable pet insurance policy. But, there are fewer insurers, which provide coverage for exotic animals like rodents, amphibians, etc. So, if you’re having an exotic pet, before buying a policy, check out the coverage offered by the insurance company – whether or not it provides the required coverage for your pet.

Third party liability insurance is a required coverage while purchasing a pet insurance policy. If you have this pet insurance coverage, then you will be compensated if your pet causes injury to your neighbor. Apart from providing you with the cost for medical treatment, the insurers usually offer financial compensation if your pet gets stolen or it gets injured in accident. Some insurance policies may also have coverage in the event of its death.

However, the insurance companies may not offer coverage for the treatment of diseases which your pet already has. So, when you buy a policy, always go through the policy inclusions and exclusions to have a clear idea regarding the coverage. This will also help you shop for a pet insurance policy that is best suitable to you.