Places to Buy Money Orders

Places to buy money order

Money orders are prepaid substitutes for checks. The amount of the money order is specified on the money order. They are mostly used to pay bills by people who do not have checking accounts. Money orders are very popular, and can be purchased from several types of businesses. The money order is guaranteed by the company that sells the money order through the issuing bank.

The United States Post office has always been a reliable source for obtaining money orders. They sell domestic money orders, and international money orders. The maximum amount that can be purchased is one thousand dollars for domestic money orders. International money orders have a maximum limit of seven hundred dollars. Retail outlets contracted by the USP are authorized to sell money orders with a maximum limit of five hundred dollars.

Check cashing stores are another place that sells money orders. Money orders have a maximum limit of three hundred dollars per money order. Customers purchase multiple money orders for any amount above this. Most check cashing stores sell one money order for as little as thirty nine cents per money order.

Grocery stores and convenience stores sell money orders at their customer service booths, or from contractors who lease space in their stores. Money orders can be purchased at Pay Day Loan or Loan Advance companies. These companies loan customers money against their pay-checks at very high interest rate

Independent shipping companies who offer multiple services also sell money orders. These types of business contracts with Money Gram or Western Union, and their money orders are secured by these companies.

Money orders can be purchased on-line using your debit or credit cards, and the company will mail the money order to the recipient.

Money orders are a convenient way to send money through the mail. Money order companies have tracking systems in place to find money orders in case they are lost or stolen. Each money order has a number assigned to it, and the money can be tracked by this number. It is important for the purchaser to keep this number if they wish to recover lost or stolen money order.

Money orders are an international financial instrument, and are used in lieu of cash. They are accepted by most businesses, and can be converted to cash. The USP office will cash their money order without charging a fee. Other issuers will charge a fee to convert their money order back to cash.