Places to Find Coupons

Using coupons has become more popular since people have been struggling to make ends meet in this sluggish economy. Saving money using coupons is easy to do. The more coupons you have the more money you will be able to save. The first step towards saving money is finding the right coupons.

The Sunday paper has coupon inserts which are in the paper every Sunday except the Sunday following a major holiday. The Sunday paper isn’t the only place to find coupons. There is a number of places available to you that have the coupons you might need. Here are some places to find coupons that you might want to consider.

Ebay. Buying coupons on ebay is an easy process. Ebay sellers offer coupons for all types of different items such as health & beauty, beverages, meat, cat & dog food, cleaning products, laundry, dish washing and hand soap products. There is every kind of coupon imaginable on ebay. Most sellers will sell their coupons in a group of 5 to 20 of the same coupon. Depending on how often you buy a certain product will determine how many coupons you will want to buy. Most of the coupons have long expiration dates so that using the coupons won’t be a problem. Some of the sellers will offer free shipping which makes it easier on the pocketbook. Sellers will normally start their auctions at $.99. Once you purchase the coupons the seller will send them out to you within a day or two so you have plenty of time to use them on any sales you might find.

The Library. In recent years libraries have started offering a coupon exchange. This is a good way for anyone who is getting started in coupons to find some coupons they might need. There will be an area inside the library where two boxes will be found for coupons. One box is for the coupons that are being exchanged. The other box is the coupons you can look through and then take what you want. This is a free program and all that’s required is bringing in coupons you don’t use and exchanging them for coupons you will use.

Samples. Requesting free samples is a way to get some coupons. Most companies will put coupons in with the samples they send out. Most of the coupons are worth $1 in savings or more. One way to get samples is through the internet. has a sample tab on their website. The samples are free and come within a few weeks. The company will enclose a coupon with the sample but not on a regular basis. It also depends on the type of sample you request. Television commercials are another way to get free samples. Watch the commercials and if you notice a free sample website given on the commercial request the sample online. These samples will usually have coupons enclosed. You can also receive samples and internet coupons through money saving blogs and websites. These samples and coupons are all free.

Blinkie Machines. Blinkie machines can be found in most grocery stores. Blinkie machines are attached to shelves throughout the store. The machines have a little light that blinks off and on. This allows for the coupons to come out of the machine. Coupons will be $.35 to $1 in savings. When your in the grocery store doing some shopping walk around the store and get a couple of  coupons out of each blinkie machine. This is an easy way to help build up your coupons.

Getting coupons doesn’t have to be just from the Sunday paper. Coupons are available in so many ways and are easy to get. Always keep your eyes open because you never know when you will run across a coupon.