Police Forces should Recognize Tasers and other Electro Shock Weapons as Deadly Force – Disagree

When Tasers came on the scene law enforcement changed dramatically forever.  Some officers say that the introduction of the taser changed the course of things and may have been the best tool ever introduced to law enforcement.  On a daily basis Police Officers are injured and killed in the line of duty but still the focus remains on police accountability.  There are many situations where had the taser been deployed a deadly situation could have been diverted.  Instead some departments choose not to utilize the taser and someone dies.

Taser International, the company that supplies these amazing tools to agencies across the globe stands behind their product 100%.  In fact, they say that if an agency is sued in court they will not only pay attorney fees but should you lose they will pay the settlement.  Taser has invested millions of dollars towards research regarding the effects that the taser has on people with various types of medical conditions and of various ages.  Taser international has employed doctors from many various fields to examine the effects that the taser has on people and evaluate whether or not the taser can cause someone to die.  The research has concluded that the taser cannot kill another person.  There are people that may have a condition that caused them to die.  The excitement associated with the reason for which they have gotten tased may have not been a medically wise choice for them which in turn caused them to die.  Tasers have a high voltage but a low ampage.  This insures that the electric going through your body does not have the same effects as sticking your hand on an electric wire.

People must understand that law enforcement is a cause and effect occupation.  Police Officers react to situations that are presented to them and the person who presented the situation is held accountable for everything that happens, so long as the officer acts within his department policy and the laws of the land. 

Suspects are given multiple opportunities to comply with the lawful commands of a police officer and should they choose not to follow simple instructions the consequences rest with them and only them.  The taser over the last few years has reduced the number of officers injured in the line of duty.  Instead of officers going hands on with a suspect, the taser has allowed them to immobilize the threat and take that threat into custody instead of to the morgue.