Popping Tags like a Pro how to Save Money on Clothing

With the rise of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, a song about “popping tags” and getting good deals at thrift shops, you are probably reconsidering how much you spend on clothing.  Although it may not be possible to spend $20 for clothes, saving on clothing is an easy and effective way to loosen up some space in your budget, and with these tips and ideas, makes it possible to look good for less.

First, remember the thrift shops.  Although Macklemore portrays thrift shop clothing to be outdated and grimy, many thrift shops and consignment stores offer stylish options from recent years at affordable prices.  National locations like Goodwill are always options, but look around for local consignment stores.  Not only will you be able to support a local business, you can even sell your old or unwanted clothes for some extra cash.  If a thrift store will not make the mark, department stores, when shopped frugally, can also be options.

When at your store of choice, it is important to shop frugally.  Although clothes can be inexpensive, impulse purchases can add up.  Start by creating a list of what you need, either digitally or on paper.  Having a written-out list allows you to stay on track and not buy anything unnecessary.  When looking at an item, besides its looks, think about its long-term aspects.  Will you wear this for years to come or just for this season?  Does this look like it will endure daily wear and tare as well as the wash?  Will you grow out of the style next year?  Asking these questions prevent clothes kept in the back of the closet for eternity.  Also look for any sales or discounts, just remember to not just buy something because it is on sale.  If you want something that is a bit pricey, do not purchase it yet, but wait a week or two.  If you still want it then, go ahead.  Splurging once in a while is fine as long as it’s in moderation.  Finally, if you need something that you just cannot find inexpensively, just buy it.  You can then sell it at a consignment store, give it to a friend, or save it for another time that you may need it.

Clothes are a necessity, but not the latest fashions.  By shopping smartly, you can save money, look great, and have a little extra room in your budget for whatever life throws at you.