Positive Emotions are Crucial to Financial Health

This can be a double-edged sword. Emotions, either way, play a pivotal role in our financial health.   Indeed, there are many people, who, when they are in a good mood, spend money like it is going out of fashion.  They think nothing of the mounting debt that they could be putting themselves in because of it.

Likewise for those who have very little money to spend. Because of their state of mind, and to make themselves feel ‘better’, many go out on shopping sprees. Looking for that little bit of happiness that spending money gives them. It is more akin to a natural high. before the ‘ come-down’.  And the ‘come-down’ can be very hard to bare indeed. 

Emotions and mood are critical in our financial health, and the way we spend our money. Then again, the state of our financial health could be put down to depression. The lack of money has been found to be one of the major factors in causing depression – leading to clinical depression.

With mounting bills to pay and debts piling up week by week, our income does not keep up with our expenditure.  There are many who buy things that they simply cannot afford – mostly on higher purchase.  Only to find out, later on, the consequences of those purchases. Then physical and mental health suffers, with the stress of trying to pay back what was purchased.

However, emotions are critical to our financial health in the most profound way. It has been shown that possessing a positive mental attitude toward trying to make money, can often result in money making ideas.  This positive mental attitude, will often attract money towards you, as if you where a magnet.

Opportunities open up where there were none before. And people with a similar mind, and similar thought processes, will be attracted to you. These are the people who will try to help you in your money-making schemes, mainly because they can see how positive and enthusiastic you are. 

It is having a positive frame of mind that is absolutely crucial in improving our financial lot in life. As long as the determination is there – along with the positivity and the willingness to try new things, and maybe things that may be outside your ‘comfort zone’, then you will receive the help you need.

However, having a negative state of mind can be very detrimental to your financial health and stability. Negativity is the antithesis, the enemy, if you will, of all positive thought.  Holding a negative attitude – especially if one is trying to make money, or attract money to them – is very much detrimental.

People will tend to shun away from you, not wanting to be near your negative aura, because people who are depressive, and negative, tend to make others feel like that too. They become like a weight, upon your shoulders, holding you down, destroying any positive thoughts you may have held previously, before you communicated with them.

There are many techniques – too many to mention within this article – that one can try, when putting yourself in a ‘positive frame of mind’.  Relaxation techniques are so important to relieving stress, and the mind as a whole. One has to remember that one’s financial health is linked directly to the state of mind. The power of thought is a very powerful thing indeed.

This is because if a person has convinced themselves that they will forever remain in financial hardship, then their subconscious mind will react accordingly. This is because the subconscious mind reacts directly to what it receives from the conscious mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor.  However, what  it does, is react in accordance to how you think. 

Your own reality, your own world, is created directly from your conscious mind.  So, in other words, if one is negative in life, the subconscious mind will continue to create and attract those conditions that will keep you in a state of financial hardship. It is all about emotions. Likewise, if one is positive, the subconscious mind reacts directly to the energy and thought processes of the conscious mind.

One must create those conditions and situations that will see money come to you, because of your positive frame of mind.  If one believes that they will always be in hardship, always be poor, then the subconscious mind will continue to keep that person in financial poverty, because it has been ‘conditioned’ to ‘think’ and to ‘act’ that way.

So, being depressive, and having a dark state of mind can often be to the detriment of yourself, if you are trying to make money. Emotions hold the key. In fact, depressive emotions play a crucial role in destroying anything we try to achieve in life. And this is especially so when it comes to money – and the lack of it.  Your emotional state of mind is yours and yours alone. No one else is to blame for the way you may feel. And if you wish to improve your financial health, then having a positive frame of mind is absolutely crucial in achieving that goal.