Post Holiday Debt

Debt is often accumulated throughout the holiday season.  Many people do not prepare for expenses that will be incurred around the holiday time, so they deal with the debt issue.  However, this does not have to be an issue that has to stick around.  Debt can be quickly eliminated after the holiday season if certain principles are put into practice.

1.  People can agree before the holidays begin, to spend less after the holidays are over.  Some people know that they are going to accrue debt so they plan to spend less after the holidays in order to pay their debt off.  For example, if someone is in debt two hundred dollars, they can make a plan to save fifty dollars on their grocery bill and fifty dollars on their phone and electric bills, which would allow them to pay their debt off in two months.  Saving money is always an option, especially if not saving money will make a debt increase because of the interest, which will cause a person to pay more than they borrowed.  The plan to reduce expenses after the holidays needs to be put in motion before the holidays begin, and the debt will not make a person feel so bad.

2.  Working harder after the holidays can help to reduce the debt accrued.  Having fun during the holiday time can be enjoyable, but it is also important to know that the amount of debt accrued will determine the amount of overtime needed to pay off the debt.  Some people don’t mind working extra for a little fun during the holidays, but the extra work would have to begin in January to allow the debt to be paid off faster.  It may be that a person doesn’t have to spend extra hours away from home to earn the extra money, but rather can work from home online and earn some extra dollars to pay off the debt.  Whatever the case may be, extra hours of work always equal extra money, and extra money pays off debts when the extra money wasn’t there.

Debt reduction after the holidays can come by saving money or making more of it.  People like to enjoy their holiday season, and if it is worth it to have a little fun and go into debt, then the finances will need to either be tight following the holidays, or more hours will need to be put in at work to ensure the debt is paid off fast.