Potential Financial Investments in the UK

There is some variety of potential financial investments in the UK. If you are an investor interested in potential financial investments then these are a few that may be of some interest.

Isa savings account:

The Isa savings account is a tax-free savings account. As such, they are immune from taxation. Aside from this, the Isa savings accounts are fairly similar to more standard savings accounts. Most Isas include a variable interest rate, which is close to the base rate. Then the interest is accumulated annually. Overall, these Isa accounts have limits as to how much can be invested into them each year. They can also be either easy access, or more limited access, depending on the Isa accounts offered by the banks. Aside from this, the Isas can have variable options and features and be either branch or web based.

Isa stocks and shares:

These are also tax-free financial investments based on stocks and shares. As such, they are investment funds which have a degree of risk associated with them. In addition to this, a commission is usually charged for Isa investment funds. Overall, they are usually slightly more long-term financial investments.

Premium bonds:

NS&I Premium Bonds are a more unique UK financial investment option that are backed by HM treasury. Premium Bonds were introduced in the 1950s and have since been well established, and are sometimes considered the second lottery. Overall, Premium Bonds are a financial investment whereby the investor has a certain value of bonds. Up to 30,000 worth of bonds can be invested in, and higher value bond holdings have the more chance of winning one of bond draws. The Premium Bond draws are held monthly, by ERNIE, and have variable prizes up to £1,000,000. Any Premium Bond holding can be closed and the full investment is then returned.


The Bond is another type of UK financial investment account that can be opened. Overall, Bonds are usually longer term financial investments that can be made for a specific period, but with a higher fixed rate of interest. As such, if you open a Bond you will not be able to withdraw anything until the Bond’s end date.

These are a few of the potential financial investments in the UK. Such financial investments have their advantages and disadvantages, with the likes of Premium Bonds and Isa investment funds having no guaranteed returns. However, they can still be potentially better investments than Isa savings accounts in the long-term at least.