Poverty in America

Surviving poverty in America.

If you are quick to judge those in poverty to be in a negative light then maybe you should try it. You may realize you simply do not have the skill required to survive long term poverty in America.

Yes, skill. It takes a huge amount of skill to survive in poverty in America. Not only the elements or feeding yourself or family… it is learning to hide from society, deal with stress, anxiety, depression, rejection, and cruelty by others towards you, your children, husband wife who struggle in poverty along side you and the list continues.

Let us face a few serious realities.

1. It is standard, acceptable, expected, encouraged, and wrongful that people simply do not choose to take in their own family members. 

2. People die, parents and children are separated, police, social service workers, school teachers, court systems, welfare agencies, and even people many times those who work in emergency assistance programs have treated those in poverty in such a demoralizing way to attack the will they need to stay alive and move forward that many in poverty can simply not afford to risk loosing their will to survive in exchange for meal or a warm, soft place to sleep safe from police harassment for a couple hours of their life on the street and in hiding.

3. Poverty stricken people or even working homeless are never, never, never recognized for what they have and had achieved in life. Homeless parents are not viewed upon for standing by their family no matter what. In the American society they are judged as unfit neglectful parents because they just did not have enough money and resent job history and a couple thousand dollars to move into an apartment. People in society these days do not seem to care to much a lot of times of leaving their child, children, spouse etc in search of money or status increase. These people could learn a good deal from homeless families.

4. Teachers in schools even now spend much time lecturing to children on the so called importance of a not a good education but rather what a looser a child is told they will be should they end up, so to speak, with a job at Mcdonalds. With so many out of work and people trying to survive in any way they can contribute to their family. Do you honestly think it a wise idea to hurt a childs sense of security in their parents abilities with such a repulsive remark? This is a common in public school systems. As the pay rate for teachers has come up over the years and school systems have begun to inform parents of how to raise their children in turn these public school teachers have begun teaching children and or teens to devalue others who are in a lower income status, even though these low income parents still pay these teachers their wage.

5. Something to keep in mind that is very true. The homeless person you see on the street or in the backwoods of a parking lot someplace may just be the same person that saved your life a year ago, the one who may someday help you or someone you love.

6. People in poverty are not choosing poverty. These people are in it and in the long process of getting out. When people have made it out of poverty and they look back on their journey how would you like that person to respond to you should you pass by one another standing on equal ground or you maybe in need of their help for yourself or someone you love?

7.Another sad fact: there are people in the world who are selfish in such a way as to live in style with another new car, games, vacations to lovely places all while seeing their own children have nothing. Those people have houses a job and no heart at all. Those people are treated better then a homeless child. How is that right in this American society? Nevertheless it remains the sad truth.

8. Rather then teach children that they are victims of neglect by way of parents struggling through poverty. Why not allow them some pride in who they are with parents that are willing to overcome all odds. Parents that know their true value.