Praise for Loretta Nall

In the Election Year which is 2008, the decision to rewrite about the lives of prominent Libertarians have been deemed necessary. Another factor in the decision to rewrite about the personalities that are in the Libertarian Party is the presence of new material. One of the people who deserves to be mentioned since she is an American Hero is Loretta Nall. Loretta Nall is also a hero for the State of Alabama for her ability to stand up to the powers that be in Alabama who are entrenched. Loretta Nall was born in 1975 and is currently married with an outstanding family.

In the year 2006, Loretta Nall and the Libertarian Party of Alabama attempted to campaign for Governor of Alabama only to face stumbling blocks placed by the Alabama Republican and Democratic Leadership. In the end, Loretta Nall was able to stage a successful campaign as a write in candidate for Governor of Alabama even though she was defeated. It is not surprising that Nall was defeated since she had to spend most of the time attempting to collect 40,000 signatures for ballot access. The rule of 40,000 signatures exists in Alabama and was written by the Republicans and Democrats in that state as a pretext to stay in power. Many states have the same rules but with different numbers and requirements.

Loretta Nall is also famous as one of the co-founders for Alabamans for Caring Use which advocates the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Loretta Nall is also the founder of the United States Marijuana Party which advocates the legalization of drugs. Loretta Nall believes that “The War On Drugs” is ineffective and has damaged more lives than saved it. Loretta Nall has suffered for her activism with arrests, destruction of property, and threats of losing her children secondary to the interference by the state.

Loretta Nall is not just another thirty three year old mother who sits back and allows the state to enforce laws that lack logic or are counterproductive. Loretta Nall is the essence of what is the United States of America and Alabama. It is because of people like Loretta Nall whether one is in agreement with her or not that the United States of America at least exists as a country with liberty ingrained in the national psyche. Unfortunately, Loretta Nall is a minority in her own country since the United States of America is suffering from the problem of the majority of societies of sitting back, do nothing, and there will be no harm syndrome.

For people with the syndrome of inactivity, they are also guilty of participating in the crimes of oppression with their inactivity. For people with the syndrome of inactivity, it would be wise to remember the words of an anonymous German Author who died in a Concentration Camp during World War II. The following quote was found in a notebook that belonged to the anonymous German Author after the Allies liberated the Concentration Camp: “My Neighbor was taken away because he was Jewish, I was silent because I did not want trouble. Another Neighbor was taken away because he was against the Nazi, again I was silent because I did not want trouble. I have been taken away and I did not do anything. Now I will be leaving because I did not say or do anything.”

It is because of this quote that we should praise Loretta Nall.