Principles of Personal Financal Management for Young Adults

Mastering money management skills early on in life can help you achieve financial independence later on in life.  Create a feasible financial plan in line with the realistic goals you’ve set for achieving in life.  Appreciate the value of saving money in a systematic and disciplined fashion.  Never forget to give others a small percentage in the process.  Avoid getting into debt and relying on credit cards.  Rather than relying on college loans, start saving for a college fund on time.  Invest your money wisely so you can earn passive income off of your real estate property.  In the end, role model what rich people do and how they take care of their money.

Below listed are tips on how you can master principles of personal financial management early on as a young adult.

1. Design a financial plan in line with your achievable and realistic goals in life

Thinking about and creating a financial plan early on in life can help you stay focused on your financial goals in life.  Without it, you are likely to get side-tracked and lose a sense of sound financial management practices.  Efficient personal financial management is all about learning how to delay immediate gratification urges in order to accomplish your short and long-term financial goals in life.  Once you have identified a major financial goal or a priority in life such as purchasing an apartment, you should no longer be susceptible to unnecessary purchases and distractions on the road.

2. Appreciate the value of saving and giving money

a. save systematically and in a disciplined fashion

Young adults should learn the principles of sound financial management by trying to save up cash for the products they wish to buy.  Saving should be done systematically and in a gradual fashion so that it does not become too much of a burden for them in the process.  Young adults should save up cash for purchasing a car if they really want it instead of relying on a loan for purchasing a car. A new car depreciates in value as soon as it comes out of the store.

b. don’t forget to give to the needy ones in the process

Saving and giving may sound illogical together.  However, they are mutually interdependent and achieve wonders if combined.  As much as saving giving is also an important principle in achieving financial success.  You should establish three piggy banks at home and mark them as saving, giving, and investing as they work best in combination.  Giving enriches those who give especially when it is done without expectations of return.  When you give a certain percentage of money to others in need freely, you will be blessed as those monies will find their way back to you from perhaps another directions while making the needy ones happy in the process.  Thus, you are benefiting from given out monies both ways.

3. Stay away from debt and credit cards

Young adults should know that every dollar you earn is instantly diminished in value if you are indebted.  As witnessed today debt leaves you vulnerable to short-term marketplace challenges and economic slumps that one would otherwise painlessly withstand.  Thus, young adults should learn to avoid debt on time.  They will best do this by becoming more critical and informed consumers of information and products presented to them.  Young adults should understand the impact that media and a culture have on their lifestyles as we have become the culture of consumerism.  They should develop critical thinking skills and learn how to differentiate between their wants and their needs. This will automatically help them avoid impulsive spending and over reliance on credit cards which eventually leads into indebtedness. Thus, young adults should avoid credit cards due to high interest rates that banks are charging and rely on cash instead.

4. Save up for your educational fund on time

Young adults should realize on time that it is better to save up money for their education in a gradual and systematic way rather than rely on loans.  If young people overly rely on loans, once they graduate from college they will be overwhelmed with a significant amount of loans to return back yet without guarantees for a job. This could leave them financially endangered and emotionally vulnerable in their best years of life.  The only other alternative would be investing their time, efforts, and skills into finding scholarships.

5. Invest your money wisely

Investing into real estate property is the wisest financial decision that you as a young adult could make as its value will only grow over time. Young adults should make it their goal to consistently save their money in order to purchase an apartment or a house of their own.  It can serve as a great investment tool to them as they can always rent it and earn passive income off of it.

6. Role model rich people’s behavior

Understand that a millionaire is not somebody with an extravagant lifestyle, luxury car and a mansion but just an ordinary guy who lives below his means.  Thus, take the time to role model rich people as they are skilled in saving and investing their money, otherwise they would not be rich.