Printable Coupons Extremem Couponing Coupons

The art of couponing has been in existence for many years. Thanks to shows such as TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”, it has become quite the phenomenon. A combination of the price of items constantly increasing, lower salaries and people out of work has made many families and individuals turn to couponing in order to save money.

There are blogs online such as Krazy Coupon Lady, Hip2Save, Fabulessly Frugal and many others that assist in showing you how to combine coupons plus sales in order to get more bang for your buck.

The most important item you need are your coupons. You can obtain coupons via your local Sunday newspaper, magazines, supermarkets, the internet and other mediums. With the internet being  widely accessible, filled with potential scams,  you ask yourself “Which websites are the best to print my coupons from?”. There are a plethora of sites to choose from but these three are the most reliable. offers the best selection of coupons available online. They offer the best deals that you can use at the grocery store or retailer (Wal-Mart, Target, CVS etc.). is a site reminiscent of going through all the coupons you receive in Sunday’s paper but in a less time consuming and quicker fashion.  To print from this site, you have to install software on your computer but it is harmless and will not affect you in any way, shape or form. The bright side of downloading this is that most of the other sites use the same software so there is no need to download anything additional.

Smartsource is a fairly simple website to utilize. It shows coupons for a variety of items in your neighborhood. The coupons on this site are updated twice a month and there is no need to registration with the site for anything. An advantage Smartsource has is that you can print coupons from any computer that has Java installed, meaning you can print these coupons from a computer at your local library or place of employment. is a slightly different site than the other two. Redplum offers you free exclusive offers solely based on your zip code. Not only this but if you are looking for any particular coupon and are unable to find it else, chances are you can find it here. Being that they provide coupons for items you don’t find frequently, Redplum has begun to give the more commonly used sites some competition.

This day and age, with the wide availability of technology printable coupons are accessible to everyone, and provide the opportunity for many families and individuals to save on their grocery bill and retailer expenses monthly. It would seem odd knowing that there are many free printable offers that can be found in stores that don’t get taken advantage of. The art of couponing will continue to grow, thanks in part to printable coupons. Yes, there is an abundance of sites available, but these three sites are some of the best and are highly recommended.