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The term “morality” is left up to the individual to determine for themselves. It could /be argued that if no legal ramification exists to determine morality then it is entirely up to the individual or group of individuals to decide on what is deemed as moral and what is not. This is not how society operates. Eliminate laws and you are left with nothing but opinion based on societies norms. If the only means of determining morality is individual or group opinion this means essentially, that laws are null and void.

Take for example, the law that clearly states that it is a woman’s right to choose. Clearly it is under attack. A woman that has a “right” to make life-altering choices concerning her body and her future is facing increasingly limited choices with clinics that bar women from having abortions who’s pregnancies are farther along then six weeks and women who do not possess sufficient insurance or the wrong type of insurance to cover the procedure.

Furthermore, clinics that are substandard in how they operate are giving clinics that perform these procedures a bad name and fueling the argument from the opposition against all abortions, deeming them unsafe and too dangerous to perform.

A prime example is when government officials raided Kermit Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion clinic, and found “deplorable and unsanitary” conditions. Another example would be when another case study revealed that a woman was found having bled to death, while her Doctor finished his lunch in the other room, ignoring pleas from staff personnel to check on her. This made news nationwide, casting a dark shadow on all abortion clinics. It seems the outdated reference to: “It is her body and therefore her right to choose,” is an outdated argument due to the amount of information now available to all of us, with the rise of the internet.  

What needs to be fought for from the government is better resources for women who are pregnant, to include better prenatal care and abortion clinics that meet minimum health and safety requirements. 

The laws have changed considerably since Roe vs Wade and the old argument that a woman has a legal right to her personal property (her body) is getting clouded by the public debate over health and safety of the woman involved in the procedure. Until this is addressed, no argument concerning a woman’s right to choose should be considered a viable one.