Problems of Harassment in Law Enforcement why you should Report Bad Cops

While police brutality, corruption, and are large problems in today’s society, they tend to help us find some other problems with the officers in the force. There have been a lot of cases of police corruption and brutality that have been caused by the stresses of the job. Being a cop tends to have a negative effect on an officers mind. They see a lot of things everyday that most other people would pass out or throw up when they see. They get shot at, cursed at, they see dead bodies, and they deal with problems on a day to day basis. I have read about a case where an officer saw a 16 year old girl commit suicide right in front of him while he was trying to talk her out of it. An hour later, he was back out on the street without a break. He gave his Sergeant his report, finished his duties at the scene, and went on with his day. Police officers deal with these things everyday all day.

We must report abuse and harassment by law enforcement officers so that we can deal with the issues that plague the name of police officers everywhere. I’m not saying that all bad cops are bad because their job made them that way, but a lot of them are. The other bad cops are just bad because they want to be and because they think that they can get away with it. When we report bad cops, we can then figure out what makes that cop bad. If it has to do with the stress of the job or some psychiatric problem, then we can deal with that. Many forces have police psychologists on staff especially for situations like this.

If you are a victim of law enforcement harassment, brutality, corruption, etc., then you really need to report it so that the department can deal with the officer or officers accordingly and therefore make a better police force out of it. They can work to make the name of police officers a more positive one one step at a time, but not if you don’t tell them what is wrong with their department.