Pros and Cons of Living without Health Insurance

Health insurance is a controversial topic. The one fact that virtually everyone agrees on, however, is that it is expensive, but then, so is health care. As with anything else in life, there are pros and cons, but being without health insurance is an issue that should be seriously considered.

The pros of not having health insurance are fairly basic. You do not have to pay the ever increasing premiums. If you are younger, relatively healthy, and cautious, you may very well get away with never having to pay an astronomical medical bill. You may be satisfied with footing the bill for an occasional doctor’s visit, dentist, or trip to the optometrist. And, if you are really lucky, you will never have to pay for prescription drugs.

If you are working for a company where you voluntarily allow them to deduct for insurance, you may be happier with more take home pay, instead of taking the deduction.

With premiums for health insurance rising, almost monthly, you could well save yourself over three or four thousand a year by not taking out a policy. Even if the proposed law goes into effect, fining those that have no insurance, it is predicted that the cost of the fine will be far less than the actual premium cost.

The cons are obvious. Doctors, hospitals, and all other medical professionals frown on those who cannot produce an insurance card. This isn’t to say that they withhold treatment, it’s just that they want to make sure that the expensive services you are about to receive will be repaid.

If you happen to have a catastrophic illness, accident, or needed surgery, your cost could well reach the $100,000 mark very quickly. Without health insurance, you will be paying this off for a long time.

If you should need prescription drugs, either short term, or on a regular basis, it isn’t unusual for these to run well over $100 per month, a cost that, without insurance, will be yours alone.

No one looks forward to shelling out money each month for insurance of any kind. However, no one, regardless of age, sex, race, or any other factor, is immune from some kind of accident or illness that requires medical treatment. And while you may, hopefully, go for many years without needing  to use your expensive policy, one illness or mishap could make it well worth the investment.