Pros and Cons of Receiving Postal Junk Mail

Before you take steps to eliminate junk mail from your mailbox, you might want to consider the pros and cons of these solicitations, also known as direct mail advertising.

Most people could easily identify the cons of junk mail.

It takes up space in your mailbox and home, and is a big waste of paper.  Junk mail also requires you to extra carefully sift through your mail to make sure the items you really want to receive do not get lost among all the advertisements.   Many people also feel that junk mail is a violation of privacy.

Despite the annoyances that come along with junk mail, however, there can also be some advantages to targeted direct marketing solicitations. 

Some people enjoy the opportunity to gain information about new products and services without having to leave their home. And for those who enjoy catalog shopping, their name on a mailing list about their related interests is actually a bonus.  Sometimes direct mail catalog solicitations based on any one’s previous purchases is the best way for people to learn about new mail order companies.

Additionally, yes, the credit card offers are definitely a pain when they come in bulk and you have no need to even open the envelope.  But think about the last time you took advantage of a credit card promotion for, say, a low APR or 0% interest for a certain length of time? These offers can come as a blessing when your financial situation is tight.

On a different note, perhaps you are an independent artists or writer of some sort. If one of the junk mail list brokers figures out your interests, chances are likely that your mail load related to your hobby or blossoming career will greatly increase. You might find out about new schools or seminars, workshops, etc. in the professional field.

Have you ever wondered how some people got such interesting return address labels to mark their mailed envelopes with? These can be obtained as a result of accepting and opening postal junk mail as well. Charity organizations who want you to donate to them often send out personalized address labels, notepads, or other freebie items in hopes of encouraging public support.

Targeted postal junk mail doesn’t always come as a three page letter begging you to join a membership service or sponsor a charity.  Sometimes, especially when the solicitations are related to education or career preferences, you might be surprised and possibly even pleased to find your mailbox filled with free trade magazines related to your industry. If you opted out of receiving all junk mail, you would not have a chance to discover these publications which can really add value to your career and professional expertise.

Another item found useful by many people is the collection of weekly circulars from local neighborhood stores. Although these inserts with coupons and weekly promotions for local stores serve as nothing but a waste of paper for some families, this isn’t the case for everyone.  A rather significant percentage of the population wouldn’t dare plan their shopping excursions without these fliers.

There are both ups and downsides to receiving junk mail.  There are ways to remove your name from direct mail advertising lists and greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate the influx of junk mail to your mailbox.  Just remember though, that opting out of these mailings will likely take away some of the good parts of postal junk mail along with the bad.  It all just depends on your individual needs and desires.