Pros and Cons to Coupon Savings

If you have power available to you, you should use it. This is true with coupon saving. Whatever your level of income, you always have more opportunity to purchase. It’s a traditional service that keeps not only thecustomer busy, but it keeps the economy on track. Although some feel it’s a waste of time, it depends on commitment, and taste.

Whenever you get sales adds in your newspaper, the approximation for how much you save may vary depending on products. Though some believe it can come close to $2,000.00 for all select items. If you subscribe to your newspaper on a monthly basis, you are literally investing money in products you are about to purchase with the coupon. So think of it as a savings account. Still it depends on what you spend your money on AND if you can purchase it on time.

If you have a fiancee who has a wallet filled with coupons, you can tell sh is a wise investor. Yet she will run into the problem of forgetting to bring her coupon wallet while she is at the store. Then again, when she looks inside the wallet, and finds the coupon, to her shock it has EXPIRED. This does nothing more but lower her self-esteem. Because she had her thoughts set on that one product in particular. Yet she wasn’t commited enough to get it sooner because of her busy schedule. Unless you plan properly, you fall behind.

Another thing to consider is the amount of money you have available untill payday. You might have scored some overtime with the economy being what it is, but you will still be taxed for it on your paycheck. What adds insult to injury is not having a full-time job to properly support yourself that may need to work 2 jobs, OR go back to school for a better career that pays. Still it is a blessing to have any money in your pocket.  Yet you still have to balance out your monthly income on food for either yourself OR your family. Still, you should remind yourself what you owe on credit cards or house appliances. You can pay the minimum balance for what you owe, and it will allow you to make purchases with coupons. Yet if you paid off OR more on the high interests bills, you have even more money at your disposal.

Then there is the moment when you have all this money, and you do not feel the need for coupons. You might even be in a position to criticze for the watse of paper. Yet it all comes back to keeping business going to create more jobs for people. Employees who run the printing presses to produce the single coupon. If they did not have ANY opportunity like this, they would not have a job to support their families. So in a way, we save not only ourselves extra money, but other people we don’t know about. If this economy became an extreme depression beyond repair, think of the lack of opportunity then?

The bottom line is that it takes commitment to purchase on time with coupons. Just as it takes commitment to come about with money to purchase ANYTHING. It is a strong ethic that everyone should invest in.