It is absurd that here in the USA it is illegal for someone to sell sex for money; you have to dance around the law and call it “Pay for my companionship and whatever happens after that is between to consenting adults”

One could easily go to the Bar, pick up a girl and buy her a drink or two, then go to one of the two’s residence and “Do the deed” and that’s perfectly legal.

Then one could save the trip to the bar, take the money he was going to spend at the bar, give it straight to the girl and then “Do the deed” and that’s illegal.

There are many that complain “Think of our children, would you want your child out there selling their body for sex?”

It is a noble effort in keeping our kids free from the likes of drugs and alcohol. (And that’s an article all on its own).

However, if I had a daughter and she was an adult, and she wanted to venture to California to become a Porn Star (To me I see no difference in prostitution and porn). She is getting paid to have sex, the only difference is that she has a camera in her face (or at her crotch) and I would RATHER (if I had to choose one) her do it behind closed doors than do it for all public to see. Yet one is legal, the other is not.

There are a lot of Career choices out there that I would not want my child to choose, because it’s not safe. But in the end it would be their choice.

In the Declaration of Independence it states “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The funniest thing is you could hire a masseuse that makes house calls no less, and they are allowed to accept payment for touching you everywhere, BUT if they give you a “happy ending”, they are breaking the law.

It’s a moral law and not everyone believes in God, not everyone believes that sex outside of marriage is a bad thing, yet there are people out there that want to force people to live religious that they do not believe.

The point being, Prostitution is legal in Germany, Australia, even in Nevada USA, we should not be making assumptions of what MAY happen when these places have been practicing prostitution for a long time and we should be saying “How has prostitution affected these places?” But we don’t do this because we as a people want to live in ignorance that prostitution is a bad thing and want to believe our false notions that it will affect us negatively.

For every argument against prostitution you have find something somewhere to back it up with fact, otherwise it’s just another assumption that can be squelched by fact to the contrary.