Public Health Care – Yes

With the answer in the affirmative it is important to remember just who this ubiquitous “government” is. It is us and we are already paying for other peoples health care whether through taxes, insurance premiums, or out of our pocket for ourselves.

We pay through taxes for existing government administered programs overseen by elected officials and government workers. Say what you like I believe most of them try their best to do the right thing. You can squawk about bad apples, but you find them anywhere we humans congregate to achieve something..

We pay through insurance premiums. Of course that is a for profit racket and we have seen just how much of a protection racket that is. The skim that the top monkeys of those organizations take is obscene and the dividends payed to investors usually not so obscene, all comes out of those premiums paid. But those are all valuable dollars that could be used to actually provide medical services rather than devise ways to deny medical services, But we can console ourselves that this protects us from the occasional bad apple getting something they don’t deserve. Also think of all the jobs created by the huge insurance companies. They are licking their chops just thinking about National Health Insurance and getting government contracts. (See Haliburton and Black Water for private sector efficiencies)

When we pay out of pocket, although being the only example of free market health care, we do pay more than anyone else (thank you insurance companies and you bargaining clout) until we run out of money. Then we go on public aid and get the government program. If we are lucky by that time you do the paying public a service by dying quickly. But many are not that courteous and linger on seemingly forever. Especially without the profit motivated insurance company’s legions busy figuring out ways to deny the claim. Never mind that they have spent a lifetime collecting insurance premiums from your employers and you, Last thing they want to do is cut into those profits. That’s un-American and after all that is what the government programs are for. Except when the insurance industry wants to demonize “socialized medicine”. Government programs are good diversionary public relations to get us to take our eyes off the real prize. That is supplying the American dream lifestyle for insurance executives and keeping the prices inflated for medical care so the practitioners of medicine can also get their allotted slice of the Americana pie without having to muck around in the competitive free market arena and haggle over prices with deadbeat patients. .After all that is how insurance companies got cut into the health care racket to begin with.

Bottom line is we all pay already. Question is where does the gravy flow. The plus of government run healthcare, and I mean health care not insurance, is elected officials at least have to make an effort to show us where te money goes. Allegedly.