Purchasing Insurance before Buying a Car

When looking at buying a new car an insurance policy needs to be in force before the car is purchased. When a new car is purchased an insurance policy should already be purchased or in force, the current policy needs to be changed to include the new vehicle, and it is illegal to drive a vehicle without having insurance coverage. When a new car is purchased the existing policy and premium may change.

When a new car is purchased an insurance policy should already be in force. This can be done by either purchasing a new policy or already having an existing policy already in force. The reason an insurance policy should be in force when buying a new car is that no should risk driving a brand new car on the road without coverage. The event of an accident happening is fairly small but why take the chance. The best time to purchase a policy is one to two days before a new car is purchased. This gives the insurer or agent enough time to create a quote that can be reviewed before the policy is purchased by the insured.

If a current policy is already in force all that is needed is to contact the insurer or insurance agent to have the policy updated with the new vehicle. This should be done within a couple days after a new vehicle has been purchased. When a new vehicle is purchased the same coverages on the current automobile policy will apply to the new vehicle. Insurers do this so that there is no gaps in the coverage being provided and it makes it easier for an insured to acquire a new vehicle. It is however important to have the policy updated so that the new vehicle can be properly added and a new proof of insurance can be sent to the insured.

In virtually all states it is required for everyone that owns a vehicle to carry some type of insurance policy. People that do not have insurance on their vehicle are driving illegally and are the reason the costs of insurance premiums are increasing. Anyone that drives without insurance risks getting a ticket or worse not being able to pay for medical bills as the result of an accident. People that choose not to buy insurance for their vehicle are a danger to themselves and others on the road because they won;t be able to pay if they get sued. Insurance is sometimes not cheap but it if someone is involved in an accident they will be glad they have it.

One thing to note about updating an existing automobile policy when a new car is added is that the policy will change somewhat. When a new vehicle is added to a policy different limits may be required or the vehicle will cost more to insure. In either case there is a good chance that the premium being paid will go up.