Racial Profiling Act of 1998 Police Terrorism Racism – No

Racial profiling, is terrorism. Most notably, when the practice is used to oppress law-abiding citizens who factually absorbed horrid experiences via racial profiling. Therefore racial profiling can not ever become a viable option, for homeland security’s effectiveness. This is due to racial profiling in America offering no system of checks and balances for society’s dominant Race, which unfairly benefits from the consensus on profiling criterion.

Since any type of profiling is an oppressive element onto a populous, its even more unacceptable that any one (1) species of Americans be exempt from race-based profiling, despite that respective group’s tumultuous history of Terrorism.

Nonetheless, from Timothy McVeigh through the recent terrorism in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, the shortcomings and expecting a system to not favor it’s own Kobold operators, has failed Mankind. In other words, despite the mountainous cases of Caucasian-terrorism here on the homeland, how many Caucasians have we heard complaining of racial-profiling victimization? I ask.

Racial-profiling has established a dichotomy in America in which officers subconsciously use a relaxed standard of evidence onto Caucasians, versus that which is applied onto Arabs, Blacks, and Hispanics.

The relaxed standard that Whites enjoy, morphs into a nightmare for Blacks and hispanics especially! However, our society is fortunate each time social psychologists verify that “implicit” or “unconscious” bias does effect what people perceive and very often, what people do. This can be triggered whenever police trivialize their bias and prejudices, as a vehicle for exercising police misconduct and numerous cases of police brutality.

Beyond profiling, this comes from the decades-old ‘implied deference’ which officers expect from non-Caucasian minorities, who usually are not focusing on their own Submissiveness while in the midst of being unfairly profiled, as a US citizen. Which means that even when profiling is practiced beyond terrorism suspicion and onto other criminality, it entails officers wasting valuable time on innocent citizens.

That circumstance itself, can cause a community to be reluctant toward a (+) dialogue with law enforcement agencies especially in terms of working with police to solve communal challenges. When such verified biases in profiling become overbearing, then racial-profiling can incite racially-charged violence amongst different groups of Americans that Homeland Security protects from Terrorism. This societal dilemma can be purged.

I feel officers who are aware of that do also understand, how the fruits of equitably profiling all Races, does demand eternal acuity by law-enforcement agencies. This can be accomplished only through a zero-tolerance policy, as long as police officers continue to systemically single out those who they perceive to be the most ‘un-protected’ people on the Homeland.