Racism and President Nixons Drug War – Yes

Minorities like African Americans sell and use illegal drugs and are incarcerated for the same far more than the mass majority of white people in this country. The government is waging the “Drug War” against them for it. This is all common knowledge.  We also know that the majority of illegal drugs are grown, made, distributed by and profit other races of the world.  We don’t grow the coca leafs in America; and we don’t grow the opium poppies in America, despite the fact that our American history is stacked steep in both of these substances, they don’t come from America!

 The Bank of America was caught funding Mexican drug smugglers and they are getting away with it.  Wells Fargo admitted financing Mexican drug cartels.  So with all the funding coming heavily from the culture of a very white Wall Street it would appear that the evidence is mounting.

 In other words, these two major, class one, addictive narcotics come from huge foreign industries whose products do not have the words, “Made In America” stamped on them yet they do have “Financed by Wall Street Banks” written in between the lines of the fine print and illegal drugs are sold heavily in all of the ghettos of the United States, where most of the minorities of the U.S. live!

 Let’s take a closer look at who invented the war on drugs.  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s the same guy who invented the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Yes, the very same President of the United States of America who: lied, cheated and stole from this great country and after all that, it would not be too hard to add racism to his lists of dirty laundry.  Richard M. Nixon is a stain on this country’s conscience.  He is gone now, but his policies, like this idiotic drug war that he started against our own American people, lives on.

 Slavery was abolished, but Nixon found away around what President Lincoln had done.  Incarceration for buying and selling illegal drugs is just another name for slavery in so many ways and on so many levels.  For example: People most often become addicted to drugs to avoid the reality of their tragic lives.  The downtrodden then end up even more beaten-down-and-out!  African Americans incarcerated on drug charges or drug related crimes out number Caucasians in prison three to one.

 If a person is already punishing his or her self with a drug addiction, let’s step in and punish them even more and send them to prison!  Yes, I can see how that might make sense to someone . . . to someone who is a racist; I would imagine it’s the goose that laid the golden egg!

 You know what?  We are better than this.  The melting pot that makes up the heredity of all Americans who founded this country and propelled it through so brief a history into the most powerful nation of the world was entirely composed of minorities to begin with!  Remember the indigenous people of America?

 Some of them were cannabis users and peyote eaters.  Laws actually still allow some Native Americans to continue using these illegal substances, on grounds based on freedom of religion.  Why don’t we extend these rights to all Americans?  Why don’t we declare the drug war to be WRONG on all levels honestly, especially racism?

 Wake up America, please wake up!