Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Todays Market

Please, don’t listen to all the Media Hype.

Recently we had a call from not one, but two reporters. One from a property magazine and the other a news paper. They wanted to discuss the downturn in the market, the slowing property sales, investor’s dilemma etc…. Well, the way these two reporters were going on, you would think that property sales have come to a complete standstill and there is not a single house being sold anywhere.

If you are going to be a full time property investor you HAVE to be able to cope in ANY market. Don’t let the media hype, or other experts reduce you to giving up and just sitting on the couch all day watching the television.

If the headlines are reporting 10% unemployment, that means there is still 90% employment. If a train had slowed down by 20% it is still a very strong powerful force running at 80% efficiency and you wouldn’t want to be napping on the tracks.

If you let the media hype spook you into doing nothing, you are joining 90% of the population and the other 10% will definitely pick up the $$$$$ you could have had. This does not only apply to property, but to all businesses in general. Don’t let the media hype be the measure for the judgement of your activities for any business. The media only sells their stuff if it is sensational. Their headline has to be better than the next paper and so most of what they are reporting is grossly exaggerated. They sometimes create the very situation they are reporting. Of course they would, it does sell their paper.

Come on! The Property Magazines are still being printed. The Internet has plenty of houses available and we are getting more phone calls than ever. And here is the good news; those vendors who are trying to sell currently are more motivated than normal, because the media has spooked them too. They are far more willing to look at creative alternative options.

Every market has a perfect strategy. Right now it is really great for Sandwich Lease Options and some of our students are doing extra well. If you don’t know how to do these yet, then learn. Put down that paper, turn off that television set. Quick! Get to the phone and ring your favourite agents and tell them to send you any curly’ deals, put your ads in the paper and bandit signs up. Come on an join us in this market. Life is great and so is any market!