Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Todays Market

In today’s market do you feel lost, hopeless, uncertain. With real estate being what it has been all rules seem to have changed. Should I sell? Should I buy? Do i flip this one? When? Maybe hold onto this property and rent it. Is it a good deal? Etc…. Anyone that has been in the market has asked these and probably more questions to themselves.

I came across an investor that posed questions within the market that he needed answers to. This investor decided to take matters into his own hands and create a site that is for investors, brokers and agents. KRUNCHING.COM. If you can crunch the numbers maybe you can get your questions answered. I believe that this site may be what Zillow wishes it was. Currently under alpha testing and construction, I looked through the site and found so many incredible details that I as an investor really would have liked to know before doing the deals I came into. Especially in today’s market place and the horrible tragedies in foreclosures. I have looked through other sites and most of them honestly lost me in the introduction. This was a very user friendly site and with plans to go national this could be huge.

The CEO and founder of, Brian Fudge says “ [] is a web application that brings together real estate market data, analysis tools, and community features. The target audience for this product is the sophisticated real estate investment community. This community is united in the fact that comprehensive real estate information is currently scarce. Possession of additional information can often turn a transaction from uninteresting to profitable. The community is burdened with the work of identifying sources of information and then extracting information from those sources. It is []’s objective to serve as an agent for the needs of this community. By representing and responding to these needs in a timely and cost-effective manner, we intend to foster a loyal and grassroots community.”

So far this could be an answer to a lot of investor’s headaches and trouble. The targeted launch date is May 1st 2008 with hopes to be nationwide in a short couple years. Right now for the California investor or agent this seems worth checking out.