Reasons to Avoid Black Friday Shopping

More and more people are seeking to avoid doing their shopping on Black Friday this year. Black Friday is one of the biggest and busiest shopping days of the year. Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and is the official start of the Christmas shopping season. Most retailers offer special sales and some insane deals on products to lure shoppers into their stores to increase sagging sales.

Black Friday seems to be a changing enterprise due to earlier sales and retailers being open on Thanksgiving. All of this leads to an important question: Is the whole enterprise of Black Friday worth the headaches and the hassle? The following are a few of the reasons that people are avoiding Black Friday.

Protest Big Business

One of the reasons that there may be fewer than normal shopper out on Black Friday is the protest over Thanksgiving Day sales. A number of retailers have made the move to starting holiday sales on Thanksgiving Day. There has been an unexpected backlash. More and more people are upset over retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day. Fueled by the growing Occupy Wall Street movement and a general disgust for big business, people are standing up and speaking out. The rights of those working in the retail business seem to be violated when the retailers are forcing employees to work on Thanksgiving Day. Will any of this make a major dent in the overall picture of Black Friday? The results have yet to be seen.

Finding Better Deals Earlier

Customers are able to find bargains earlier than ever before. Retailers are working overtime trying to boost sales and offering better sales earlier in the season. These earlier sales offer some incredible prices on common Black Friday items. The sales allow customers to find great bargains without having to fight their way through Black Friday crowds. These sales are a godsend to those who wish to get their shopping done early and actually enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

Early Release of Black Friday Deals

A number of retailers have “leaked” their Black Friday specials early to reveal their bargains to shoppers. The tactic is simply allowing the customers to see these deals early to entice interest and increase their overall sales. These early sale advertisements allow the customers to find similar deals before Black Friday and avoid the overall rush of the day. Is fighting for the few items that are actually on sale that day worth being at the store at 3am?

Avoiding the Rush

Black Friday almost always causes people to rush and to give in to a hectic mindset. The desire to resist this during the Christmas season is increasing. People want to avoid the rush and the chaos more and more. Black Friday seems to be a day of nothing but rushing. Many people are shopping ahead of time or buying online to eliminate the rush.

Resisting Commercialism

Our society may be experiencing a throwback to the spirit of Charlie Brown. There are many who are tired of the constant push of commercialism at Christmas. There is a movement to do less, spend less and give more. The spirit of giving is catching on and fewer people are diving into the madness of Christmas spending on Black Friday.

Black Friday is changing with more people avoiding the rush and the chaotic nature of the day. Black Friday has been and will continue to be the busiest shopping day of the year. It is a day that retailers count on to help boost their sagging sales. While some will avoid it, many will still embrace the day because they love the shopping experience.