Reasons to not Retire at 65

The global economic collapse has hurt a lot of middle and lower-class families.  The financial system’s demise, the inevitable collapse of our fiat currency and the sovereign debt that has plagued nations around the world have damaged bank accounts, including those who are planning to retire at the age of 65.

Unfortunately, our social security or pension plans may not suffice in this inflationary era. The cost of living is increasing and the value of pensions is eroding.  Many are looking at working past the retirement age by either going back into their career field or by seeking a part-time job.

Is it a good idea to continue working after 65? Here are some reasons to keep suffering through the concrete jungle.

Cost of living

As noted before, the cost of living is soaring: oil prices are skyrocketing, the price of groceries goes up and up each passing day and rent (if you’re a renter) increases and property taxes (if you’re an owner) drastically soars annually. To maintain a certain standard of living, your fixed pension is not good enough, which means a part-time job to alleviate some of your expenses may be a good idea.


There have been studies that suggest retirement may be bad for your health.  Researchers argue that once you retire, you don’t do much anymore: you sit at home, you don’t go out a lot and you generally have no daily purpose anymore.  Working is a great way to defeat your sedentary life.

Rebuilding your wealth

The stock market took a serious hit in 2008 and there hasn’t been much of a recovery. If you invested in Wall Street, you’re investments may have suffered tremendous losses. Taking on a job may help you regain the wealth that you lost.


Getting a job may be challenging, but if you’re the type of person who likes to solve problems, take on difficult tasks and be successful at whatever you try, it could be a good idea to work past 65. This will keep your mind sharp and your body healthy (let’s face it, not a lot of pressure will be on you since you’re in your winter years).


One of the most fulfilling aspects of working in the workforce is by mentoring someone younger than you. By working in an office at your old age, you can teach and mentor the younger generations a few tricks that you have learned over the years.