Reasons to Pay Bills Online

With the advances in computer technology, the Internet has become a huge source of convenience for those wishing to pay their bills online. Online information for bills, credit card statements and previous charges are much more in-depth and many times easier to access than requesting the information via a paper statement mailed to your house.

Many companies offer their customers a discount if they opt for paperless statements or pay their bills online. The company offers these discounts because they are saving costs in statement production via mail. Money saved on postage, paper costs, production and labor costs are passed on to the customer. The same convenience can be said for the customer because they no longer need to purchase the envelopes, stamps or address labels needed in paying bills via a paper statement.

Many banks offer bill pay systems through their online websites, and offer a variety of additional conveniences. Since the bill is being paid directly through your banking account and not the company website, you are saving the hassle of having to log into individual bill websites. It also sets up automatic deductions directly from your bank account which does away with the reminder issue that comes with paying bills. Instead of worrying about which bills are due on what particular day, the bills will basically pay themselves.

The mail issue in paying bills via paper statements bring up a variety of problems. First, everyone has had the dreaded experience of having a bill lost in the mail. Although it may not happen regularly, the fact of the matter is that there are errors that occur that may affect the timeliness in which your bills are paid. In these cases, you may incur a late charge, an insufficient fund charge or even a temporary termination of service.

Another problem with paper bills through the mail is the statements that are left behind after sending in the amount owed. Because of the threat of identity theft, people have to go to lengthy measures in order to safeguard their confidential and personal information. Whether it’s needing to invest in a shredder, cutting up your statements by hand or filing them away, it can make bill paying an extra hassle and a time consuming process.

Also, there are the environmental concerns when it comes to continuing to receive paper statements. The paper products being used by both you and the many companies you’re paying to contribute to the destruction of trees and forests. It also adds to the energy costs used in transporting mail to and from their destinations. Opting to pay your bills online is just a simple step you are able to take to help the environment.

Paying bills online used to be a scary idea because of Internet hackers and the threat of Trojan viruses that steal your personal information and passwords. However, investing in a quality Internet security software program like Norton or Kaspersky will ease your fears when paying bills online. Also, most banks and credit card companies have strict secured sites that are nearly hack-free. Paying bills online is a more convenient, hassle-free way to keep on top of your payments and it can alleviate stress while giving you time to do other more worthwhile things.