Reasons to Quit Playing the Lottery

The main reason to quit playing the lottery is the fact that you’re extremely unlikely to win the ‘big one’. Even if you have a couple of numbers come up on your lottery ticket and you win a small cash prize, you would probably have been better off if you hadn’t bought any lottery tickets in the first place. If you had put the money you would have spent on a lottery ticket in a jar, instead, you would have saved yourself quite a lot of money by the end of the year.

However, you don’t think about this when you’re buying a lottery ticket. You tell yourself that it doesn’t cost too much to play and there is always a chance you could win a few million. If you won a large cash prize you would never have to work again or worry about how you were going to pay the bills. You could lead a life of luxury and enjoy spending your money. This fantasy world you create for yourself means that you don’t think about the reality of the situation.

When you see pictures of ordinary people who have won the lottery before, you want to believe that you, too, could be one of them. You tell yourself that if you keep playing the lottery, eventually your numbers will come up. However, with this mindset, it becomes extremely difficult to give up playing, which is just what the lottery organisers want, because it keeps you coming back every week. If you have regular numbers which you use every week you start to believe that you can’t stop playing, because the week you don’t play the lottery will be the week your numbers come up!

However, you may as well quit playing the lottery so that you can put the money you save towards something useful. If you never bother to check which numbers come up you won’t have to worry about whether your numbers would have been drawn. You may want to live in a dream land where you never have to work again and you have all the money you need at your disposal, but in life you generally have to work hard to get anywhere. There may be a few lucky people who are born to a rich family or who win a fortune on the lottery, but they are few and far between.

Thus, if you quit playing the lottery and focus on saving money and working hard, you will be in a better position financially and you won’t have to face the weekly disappointment of not winning.