Reasons to Quit Playing the Lottery

The lottery, while not actually scam, is much more than a game of luck or chance. Consider the fact that with 49 main numbers to choose from and you have to match 6 of those 49 numbers in order to win the jackpot, you have to be pretty lucky to win. There are countless combinations and countless outcomes and for only a pound or a dollar a ticket, the lottery convinces you that you, along with the millions of others, have a chance of winning. Realistically, you probably don’t. There are a number of reasons to quit playing the lottery.

To save more money

People are always looking for new ways to save money and you may fail to even consider the fact that quitting the lottery is one of them, but it is. If you put a dollar on the lottery a week, you will be saving four dollars a month, which doesn’t seem like much, but it is. Some draws such as the National Lottery in the UK play twice a week meaning you could save 8 pounds a month. Consider the fact that you may put 2, 5 or even 10 pounds on each and every draw, you could actually stand to save quite a bit of money simply by kicking the lottery to the curb and calling it quits.

To kick an addictive and gambling habit

You may not be born with an addictive personality or a lust for gambling, but you may develop it over time. A heightened feeling of hope in regards to getting rich quick can cause a gambling problem. The lottery is essentially legal gambling. If you take a stand and stop playing the lottery, not only will you be saving money, but when it comes to kicking addiction or gambling problems in the future, you will have a basis of comparison and a knowing that you can do it because you have done it in the past with the lottery.

To benefit your family and your children

Your personality traits will be passed down to he next generation, namely, your own children. This means that if you regularly play the lottery and have an addictive, gabling personality, your children are more likely to develop one too. Quitting the lottery can benefit your family in countless ways. It can help them avoid addictive personalities and gambling problems and it can help you save money as a family and afford luxuries such as vacations and the occasional family night in with a movie and a takeaway. If you are looking for flawless incentive to quit the lottery, look no further than your own family and consider the benefits that it will hold for them.

The lottery is all about hope, but it is that hope that when heightened can turn into an addiction and a gambling problem. Realistically, it is a one in a million chance, probably a lot more, of you actually scoring the jackpot. You will find yourself spending more than you win back over and over again. Cut your losses and quit while you are ahead rather than relying on heightened hope. Consider the aforementioned pointers to help you kick your own lottery problem. Your finances, your future problems and your family will thank you for it.