Reasons to Shop at Costco

Costco is a gigantic multi-functional, membership-only retail corporation that gives its members exclusive purchasing power to buy wholesale, and in bulk, whatever the company offers. Additionally, Costco provides one-stop shopping for all your shopping needs. In these tough economic times, this approach not only saves on groceries and household items, but also helps save on rising gasoline costs, which you may also purchase  at Costco.

Members may purchase clothing, jewelry, furniture, appliances, home electronics, bakery goods, flowers, and books. There are also pharmaceutical, optical, funeral planning and a plethora of other products and services available. When faced with such a vast array of options, it might become easier to overspend and purchase items you don’t really need; therefore, to be a prudent Costco shopper you must plan in advance of your trip.

Make a list

Costco sends its members a monthly catalog that itemizes products it will further reduce its already low prices. The catalog allows members to determine in advance whether they have a need for any of the items listed. It helps members become prudent shoppers, rather than have them walk through the warehouse and purchase bulk items without much thought. If you are  hungry when you visit the warehouse, you should stop by its food court and order one of its meaty hot dogs or cheese-laden pizzas before you shop, that should also help eliminate extraneous spending.

Ensure proper storage

Staple items such as paper towels, toilet paper, and detergents have unbeatable everyday prices, but often these items go on sale, saving you hundreds of dollars. If you have the proper storage, you can stock up on these supplies, which should last for many months.

If you plan to buy meats or perishable items, ensure you have sufficient storage for each. If possible, store meats in freezer bags and write the “sell by” date on the bag. Lifespan is an organization that provides helpful information regarding the shelf life of perishable foods. It states that just as refrigerated foods have a limited shelf life, so do frozen foods. As a rule of thumb, you should not plan to store any food in your freezer for longer than 12 months.

Plan to share

If you’re single or a couple and believe you will not be able to use most Costco products because of their bulk, perhaps you can arrange to share purchases with family members, or friends. You will find fresh produce, seafood, meats, home dairy and seafood in massive quantities. Consider purchasing a few cases of fine wines to share around the holidays, or just any time. The wines are varied and reasonably priced.

If you shop wisely, your Costco membership will allow you to save hundreds of dollars over the years. Before you shop, you should prepare a list and do not deviate from it unless you see something you absolutely need, and you have the storage for it.  If you’re single or a couple, why not plan to buy and share with family and friends? Practically, anything you can conceive of purchasing, you will find at Costco warehouse, or online.