Reasons to Sign up for Online Bill Pay

Reasons to sign up for online bill pay

Reason 1:  Super Easy
Signing up for online bill pay is super easy.  The first step is to have the bill you want to pay in front of you.  This will have all the information you will need to enter into your financial institutions online bill pay system.  You will need the name of the company you are trying to pay, your account number, the amount of the bill, and the bill due date.  Most financial institutions will already have the company you are trying to pay within their system which makes it easy to add them to your bill pay account.   You simply choose the company from the list, which adds them to your bill pay account.  Next, you put in the amount you would like to pay, then schedule the date on which you want to pay the bill.  You should always schedule the date you want to pay the bill a few days before the due date to avoid any late fees from the company you are trying to pay.

Reason 2:  Repeatable
Once you have entered all the companies you want to pay, they are automatically saved in your bill pay.  This is very helpful when next month comes around and you want to use your online bill pay again.  You simply choose which companies you want to pay from your list and enter the amounts, and the date you want to pay, then press the save or pay button.  You can also see the amount you paid last month in case you don’t have your bill stub.  This is a really nice feature when you have to pay the same bill amount every month, such as a car payment.  You can just look at what you paid last month, enter it into the amount box and click pay.  There is also a feature that lets you set up recurring payments every month automatically so you don’t have to keep entering the amount and date due. 

Reason 3:  Green, no checks to write, no postage to buy, saves envelopes
Online bill pay helps you “go green”.  When you use online bill pay you do not have to buy postage.  You do not have to buy envelopes.  You do no have to write out a check.  You do not have to walk or drive to a mailbox or post office.  All these things help save you time, money, and the planet.  You can also set reminders through your online bill pay account.  Reminders can be set to email you with a reminder to pay your bill, and will also show up on your bill pay page as a reminder.  There is also a feature on your bill pay page to send e-bills from the company.  This will stop your paper statement, thus saving paper and trees.  You can also pay individuals from your bill pay.  If you need to pay a friend, family member, or stranger, you can have your online bill pay send them a payment.  All you need is their name, address, and phone number, and your financial institution will send them a payment. 

Online bill pay is super easy, repeatable, and green.  Please go to your financial institution and sign up today!