Reasons why Gardening Helps Save Money

Gardening can be great fun and a relaxing thing to do. It is also rewarding to have a neat and tidy garden flourishing with your expert caring hands. Gardens are also a lovely place to sit and ponder during the summer months.

Gardens can also be an excellent means of both saving and making money by just doing something you also already enjoy doing. How can gardens save and make you money?

During the course of the seasons one can grow most vegetables one would normally buy in the supermarket. Growing your own vegetables might only leave you with meat to buy, and save you a fortune over the year. One can easily grow potatoes, carrots, peas, lettuces, broad beans and cabbages.

The lists of things one can grow and eat do not stop here. Fruit trees provide cherries, apricots, apples, pears, and in warmer climates oranges and lemons. Most herbs can be grown easily, and tomatoes are a very useful crop to have during the summer.

Although vegetables are seasonal, one can grow vegetables of some sort or another through most of the year. What one cannot eat can be frozen for future use. Excess fruits can be turned to juice or wine.

If your garden thrives and you are producing too much for you and your family there is an opportunity to sell your produce to others. This can in some instances be done from the doorstep. If you are not at home for much of the day you can sell from an honesty box. Wine can also be sold to friends, family and strangers alike.

If you have a back yard or garden, and fit enough time in to do some digging and watering, then growing your own food can save a fortune.  If you have a diverse range of vegetables and fruits ripening throughout the year, you could easily halve your weekly budget and have cash free for other expenses.

Most vegetables can be grown from seeds and many garden centres sell pregrown vegetable seedlings to save you time.

Making money from your garden doesn’t stop at food. You might also be in a position to sell flowers and potted plants from your doorstep without diminishing your stock, or spoiling your garden.

There is considerable money to be made from your garden, and it can be great fun and very rewarding to experience the bargain. In most cases it will only require a couple of days of your time to keep the garden running smoothly.