Reasons why Gardening Helps Save Money

With today’s economy, saving money has become a big priority.  Clipping coupons, riding a bike or walking instead of driving, buying bulk and store brands instead name brands are all ways that we look to cut costs.  But have you considered a garden?  Gardening can save money in many ways and offers a freshness you can’t get when you buy from the store.  It is more nutritious, tastes better and is cheaper.  Here are some ways that gardening can save you money.

-Spend less for fresh produce.  When you grow your own vegetables and herbs, you save the money that you would have otherwise spent at the grocery store. This could run into the hundreds of dollars saved over the course of a few months. By saving this money you can spend it on other necessities, or even set it aside to be used later.

– Can or freeze your vegetables. When you can or freeze your vegetables, you save on money on those canned and frozen vegetables you buy now. You can have a wide selection of vegetables that you commonly use. It is also healthier, and of higher quality than what is available in some grocery stores.

-Save energy. You can save energy by not driving your car to get those fresh veggies before they go bad. When you are growing them you can pick them when they are ripe. If you are not going to use them before they go bad you can can or freeze them. This will save money and time.  

-Nutritional supplements. You may have to buy less nutritional supplements because you are serving more nutritious foods. Offering fresh vegetables as a snack is a great way to make sure your children are getting the vitamins and mineral without the cost.

-A family activity. Gardening gives your family a fun and inexpensive activity that you can do together. You can teach your children about the different vegetables, and even let them have a section of their own to cultivate. Doing this helps them to learn about fresh vegetables, and will make them more likely to eat them.  

These are just a few ways that gardening can save you time and money. Gardening can also become quite a relaxing time for you. A time to commune with nature, and to see what you are doing.  We can give back to the earth some of what she has given us, and in the end save everyone money.