Reasons why get Rich Quick Schemes never Work

Why do get rich quick schemes never seem to work? Well, they don’t work because they are simply too good to be true. What has happened is that an advertiser has lied to you. It might seem scandalous, but people will say anything to get people to give them money. There are plenty of reasons to figure that a get rich quick scheme will simply get someone else rich quick and leave you with a lot of questions.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is why are you only hearing about these schemes on late night TV, or on some obscure website? It could be that these people don’t want the masses to be watching what they are doing to you. Maybe it is because if they advertised this out in the open, it would be shot down for the fraud that it is. If this was a legitimate scheme, why not just come out with it and make a ton of money for everyone involved?

These schemes are always fraught with half-truths and manipulative advertising. When you hear of someone who made 1,000 dollars a day to use the product you are watching, the first thing you might want to do is ask what it is that made them the money. Was it that secret technique to flipping houses, or did they make that money in appearance fees to simply portray a character on TV? 

Even if the scheme is technically legitimate, who really benefits? Multi-level marketing only really benefits those at the top of the pyramid. Also, why is it that you are asked to sell the service to your friends and family first? If the product is so great, why wouldn’t you want to tell the whole neighborhood about it? Why wouldn’t the neighbors already know of it if the product was so great?

Get rich quick schemes never work because you are not intended to get rich. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas to making money in business. You either work hard to build up a base of clients and make money, or you are being defrauded out of your money by someone else. No one is simply going to hand you 1,000 dollars for sitting at your computer for a few hours.

Getting rich depends on you working hard and having a great product. If you have to resort to advertising on late night TV, you might not have the greatest product, or the biggest budget. Either way, that can hamper your ability to market your product and convince others that you have a solid product. Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither will your business.