Recommended Procedures for being Pulled over while Intoxicated

Drinking and driving is a big no-no, but some of us do it occasionally. Maybe you went out for dinner and had a glass of wine or celebrated with a couple of drinks after closing a big deal at work, whatever your reason for getting behind the wheel after a few drinks you made that choice.

Any tips divulged herein will only work if you are remotely capable of passing the field sobriety test. That usually means you’ve spaced your drinks at about one an hour or have had no more than two, three if you are larger, in the time you sat at the bar.

There are a few steps you can take when leaving the bar or restaurant. Keep a small bottle of mouthwash and toothbrush, as well as, cologne in the car. Get into your car, but before you start your car rinse your mouth with the mouthwash, spit then brush your tongue. Gargle and rinse again. Finally spray one spritz of cologne on you. It may help mask the alcohol smell if you have only had a few drinks. Too make sure the smell cologne and mouthwash isn’t too over-powering crack the windows a bit.

So you’ve been pulled over and are worried because you’ve had a few drinks. First of all remain calm and don’t act suspicious. The officer may not have pulled you over because of a suspicion you’ve been drinking. It may just be your everyday, normal, bad driving habits.

As you are waiting for the officer to approach roll down the window a quarter to half the way, weather permitting. When you see the officer approach and he is almost there roll it down the rest of the way, again weather permitting. This is only precautionary behavior that will show you are going to cooperate.

Let the officer talk first. He is in command and doesn’t want to hear smart remarks. When answering give short, concise, but accurate answers. If coming from dinner or a bar and are not alone say you are coming from dinner. If you are alone do not say you are coming from the bar, even if you are. Instead, tell the officer you are coming from a date or business meeting.

Accuracy makes it easier to stick to your story even if you tell a little lie or don’t disclose the entire truth. It also helps to make you more believable. Cops are trained to detect bulls*t, so the more truth to your story the better.

When the officer asks you if you have been drinking always say no. Unless you are sure that saying you’ve had a drink means you’ve had a drink, no is going to be the safest and least incriminating thing to say. The officer still not be convinced.

During the field sobriety test check the surroundings. Is the ground uneven, was the wind blowing, is there a loud industry nearby that may prohibit you from being heard. Keep this in mind, it may help you fight a charge later. If it comes to that. Also after you have taken account of the surroundings be sure to let the officer conducting the test of any legitimate physical or health problems that may inhibit you from preforming the test’s tasks.

If the officer still isn’t convinced and asks for a Breathalyzer test you have two options. You can take it or you can refuse it. Refusing it means that you likely have a trip to the hospital to be tested and then to jail. This is the best option if you had stopped drinking a some time before and need to buy a little time. If you have just stopped drinking only a few minutes ago accept the Breathalyzer. Chances are that your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) will only rise more on the trip to the hospital.

Beyond this there isn’t much more you can do. Eating a little something is suggested as soon as possible after or while drinking, but will only help lower your BAC. The safest bet is to not drink and drive.