Rehabilitate or Punish how should Society Treat Criminals

I live in a place where crime is treated by rehabilitation. In my opinion, there are crimes that should be treated differently depending on the crimes done by the criminal. For example: murder cases should be punishable by death. Take note: murder is different from homicide. Murder is pre-meditated, while homicide is not. So, I think murder should be punishable by death. This is to give the criminals a fair warning that they can’t take life as they please. Rehabilitating these types of criminals would set an example for other soon-to-be criminals that when you kill someone, you can still get off prison early for behaving accordingly. Where is the fear in that? How would they fear the justice system when you give them free housing and free food after killing someone?

Rape cases are growing in my country here in the Philippines due to weak punishments for crimes like these. Rapist would think that they could still be alive after getting caught. These crimes should have severe punishments. Bring back the death penalty and let them fear the justice system. Weak justice system makes criminals more aggressive. I know criminals have human rights too, but they are not respecting the rights of others. They should be dealt with justice according to their deed. Criminals have their reasons. Criminals steal cars and sell them because they don’t have money to sustain their lives. Is that reason enough? Rapists rape someone because they can’t get a normal relationship with the victim or just want to know what she tastes like. Is that reason enough? A murderer killed someone because he/she doesn’t like him/her. Is that reason enough?

Human rights organization in my country is not really helping the situation. The crime rates shoot up after the death penalty was abolished in my country last 2006. The religious group petitioned the abolition of the death penalty. I thought that churches and state are two separated groups. Why is the church meddling with government affairs?

Fear is the only language these criminals speak. The society should treat these criminals the way they should be treated, like criminals. That is why I think criminals should be punished. Give them something to think about, aside from free housing and free food inside the prison system, before they commit a crime. Make them fear the justice system. Remind them that what they do has severe consequences.