Relying on Police Departments

Police departments are your first line of defense against criminals.  These men and women strap on body armor everyday when they go to work.  Remember that when you are sitting in your comfortable chair at the office.  The biggest danger you may encounter is getting a paper cut or getting hit in the eye with a paper airplane.  These dedicated professionals deal with those society deems dangerous.  We should rely on police departments to keep us and our communities safe.

Drug Enforcement

Drugs are the root of most crime in society today.  Police departments use task forces and undercover agents to keep drugs off the streets.  I was a police officer for 5 years before entering the field of corrections.  As a police officer, I seen first hand the effects of drugs on families.  Without the efforts of police to keep drugs off the streets; our neighborhoods would be battlegrounds. 

Look at most big cities and the condition they are in.  Drugs contribute heavily on the type of sleaze bags that roam your city or town.  We rely on our police departments to keep drug dealers and drug users off the streets. 

General Safety

Police departments ensure that random checks are made at schools and that patrols are made available in bad neighborhoods.  Since the dawn of the Columbine High School massacre, school officials in most towns maintain direct coordination with law enforcement. 

Rapid response plans have been established to deal with troubled teens with guns.  Random patrols are coordinated through neighborhoods riddled with crime and drug presence.  When criminals are incarcerated they are easily replaced by other criminals. 

Crime is a profitable profession these days.  You may see high crime areas and wonder “where are the police when you need them?”.  The police are doing their job.  The criminals just keep multiplying like Gremlins.

In Closing

These are not the only examples of what police departments provide us.  We depend on law enforcement for road and highway safety, responding to domestic disputes, and the list goes on and on.  We rely on these people to ensure our life is free from potential harm.  The next time you see a police officer, thank him/her for keeping you safe.  Where would we be without these brave men and women?