Renters Insurance

I look back at my college years as the most carefree time of my life. For the first part of my college career, I was lucky enough to live on campus. A couple of years into my time there, I decided to live off campus. One of the most important questions that I had to ask myself at that point was whether or not I should get renter’s insurance. Many people can get away without having renter’s insurance, but that doesn’t mean that you should do the same. The decision should be made based on a number of factors, and if made correctly, will make sure that your college days remain as carefree as they should be.

The reality of the modern college student’s life is that you cannot take classes without a computer. Computers can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000. This alone is enough to make renter’s insurance worthwhile. Add this price tag to the fact that most college students spend very little time at home, and their expensive computer can be act as a beacon to a thief. If you make the choice to get renter’s insurance, you will be able to stop worrying about your expensive computer, and start worrying about having a good time, or possibly raising your marks. It is important to note that when you are in college, your computer is not just a computer, it is the key to your education, and can contain many valuable documents and pieces of information.

In deciding whether or not you need renter’s insurance, you have to look at the value of your possessions. Do you own very many things? Could you easily replace them if they were stolen? Are you living far away from your hometown, or are you renting a place in your hometown? Are you in an apartment with security, or renting a house? Each of these questions will have a significant impact in your decision of whether or not to get renter’s insurance. For example, if you live in an apartment far away from your family, and you only have your basic necessities, you may not need renter’s insurance. Conversely, if you are in your hometown and you are renting a house while keeping all of your stuff there, renter’s insurance will be essential. If you own even just a few items of great value, it will likely be worthwhile to get renter’s insurance as it would not be financially prudent to replace these items on your own.

In conclusion, you should always enjoy your time in college, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make sure that you are prepared for the worst. Renter’s insurance is a great investment if you have anything of value. The price is usually very cheap, and can make sure that you are prepared for a number of things that can happen to your stuff from fires to theft. The reality of school in today’s age is that you cannot even go to school if you don’t at least have a computer. If you do not take steps to protect this, you could end up losing far more than just a computer.