Renters Insurance Buys Peace of Mind

It’s hard to imagine that more than fifty percent of renters do not have insurance to cover their contents or potential liability. Perhaps, it’s the feeling of transience that can accompany renting versus owning your home, a kind of shut the door and don’t worry mentality that mistakenly believes the landlord will fix any problem.

The fact is landlord insurance covers his or her risk of loss – the building and the liability losses that relate only to the landlord. With very little effort and expense, Renters will discover the peace of mind that Renter’s Insurance provides.

Evaluate your risk. Perhaps you simply haven’t thought about the possibility of losing the contents of your rental property, or you think you own too little to bother with insurance. When you consider the cost of replacing everything you own – your clothing, books, electronics and furnishings, you quickly realize that you have underestimated their value. Property and liability coverage can make the difference between moving ahead with your life and taking months or years to recover from unforeseen financial loss. Affordable Renter’s Insurance bridges the gap with priceless protection and instant peace of mind.

Residents of Florida, California and all points in between would be the first to tell you it’s not always “the other guy” whose property burns, floods or sustains other types of loss. In fact, flooding – whether by a sizable storm or garden variety thunderstorm – is the most common disaster throughout the U.S. and can cause massive damage. Investing in Renter’s Insurance is the sure and easy step to relieve stress and anxiety over potential losses.

Key advantages of Renter’s Insurance

Inexpensive – This type of insurance is among the least expensive coverage available. Damage to buildings carries a higher risk and premium. By comparison, contents and liability coverage presents lower risk to insurers and lower premiums for you.

Contents Coverage – Imagine the extent of damage a powerful storm could cause. Just two inches of water could produce thousands of dollars of loss to your furnishings, clothing, appliances and other personal goods. Your landlord’s insurance covers damage to the building, but your Renter’s Insurance provides coverage for specific perils and alleviates your worry about loss or theft of personal belongings.

Temporary Housing – While repairs are under way, you might have to vacate your dwelling, causing you to incur considerable out-of-pocket expenses. Renter’s Insurance provides reimbursement of those expenses.

Liability and Medical Expense – If a visitor is injured on your property, or if you unintentionally injure another person or their property; your renter’s liability coverage provides for medical expenses and protection against potential lawsuits and judgments. For example, your next door neighbor trips over those books you’ve been meaning to move and needs medical attention. You will have the coverage you need.

Take the time to locate a reliable insurance representative to discuss the type and amount of insurance you need. Ask every question that comes to mind. Find out how quickly and effectively claims are resolved and whether you need additional coverage for high-cost items like jewelry or art collections. With your representative’s assistance, you will able to make the best choice for your unique circumstances.

You’ve worked hard to provide the necessities and enjoyable extras that make your home comfortable. Even if you feel your location is relatively safe from natural or man-made misfortunes, take the inexpensive extra step to purchase insurance. Don’t wait for the rain to start or the flames to draw near to assure that you and your family have the protection and peace of mind you deserve.