Renters Insurance for the off Campus Student

Dorm life was worthwhile. You may have met other incoming freshmen with whom you could share your college anxieties and inadequacies. But after a year or two, you got your footing and believed you could manage and navigate through campus and campus life. You decided to move on. It was your chance to break free of dorm living and all those dorm rules and regulations. You could now live on your own or find a couple of people to take on as roommates. You find an apartment, hopefully not to far from campus, or you sign lease on a rental house. You found one that is affordable (so it doesn’t bleed your expenses), and convenient (with parking and some sense of security). But one day you walk back from campus and your door is wide open, there is no one home and… Here are the pitfalls to living off campus:
1. You are free to come and go. The problem is that other students and friends may want to take advantage of your opportunity. Your house becomes more of a meeting or gathering place than you had anticipated. You may feel uneasy knowing that things and people may invading your space without your knowledge.
2. There are no front door monitors. Usually at a dormitory there is someone in a front office to keep up on the day to day of that particular dorm’s activities, or even problems. Most dorms have a Resident Assistant to control and assess situations that may arise in their particular area. When living off campus, the student loses this sense of security and campus well being. They say there is strength in numbers and you have narrowed your number to just you and possible roommates.
3. While living off campus living, you may have neighbors who are turned off by a parade of people who drop by. They might start to ignore you and your situation.
4. Being a student with a class schedule, others may know your schedule better than you do. They know when you are home and when you are away. Now the freedom you wanted by living off campus has invaded your sense of security.
Here is a necessary step in finding some sense of security with your off campus situation: Renter’s Insurance! First and foremost, Renter’s Insurance can protect you and your valuables in case of theft, even disaster. Renter’s Insurance is affordable and, when needed, indispensable. Most college students are just starting out in putting together their own space. They may have acquired their own TVs, stereo systems, game stations, but now they are purchasing their own bed room sets, furniture and appliances. These all fall under the umbrella of Renter’s Insurance.
Most students don’t even know how simple it is to get Renter’s Insurance. They are intimidated by a belief that it is purchased at some inflated rate or they have to deal, in person, with some aggressive salesman. Both couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Renter’s Insurance may be purchased as an add on to another insurance policy covering the student, even including their car insurance. This may even lower the rate for one, if not both policies. They may be able to order a policy on line just by filling out a few simple forms. The multi tasking, off campus student can write an essay, answer an email, browse their social networking site and find Renter’s Insurance all from their PC or lap top. It is that easy.
Some have asked ‘If I do get Renter’s Insurance and was robbed, how will they know what was taken?’ The easiest way to answer that is to itemize your big cost items and, better yet, photograph them. If you use digital photos, create a file that you can email or store on another system like your e-mail service. Also, you will be able to reestimate your assets as you acquire more of them. You just add the new items to your policy by listing them with your previous itemization. You moved off campus as a way for your college life and experience to really take off. Renter’s Insurance is the parachute for your peace of mind.