Renters Insurance the need for Renters Insurance

If you rent an apartment or a house, then having a renter’s insurance policy in place is an absolute necessity. A college student may argue that it is expensive, which it isn’t, and that the furniture is old and not worth a lot of money. Whatever the value of your furniture, it is what you are depending on and if you should lose it as a result of some accident, then you are left with nothing.

It costs very little to have renter’s insurance often as less as $10 to $15 per month. If there are two or three individuals renting an apartment, you can split the cost of the insurance bringing it down even lower or even include this cost in the rent you charge to others sharing the apartment with you. A family would be well-advised to have such insurance in place. If you should be left homeless, then you do have a policy to fall back on in order to replace what is lost. In the tough economic times of today, this is of utmost importance. You have enough to worry about trying to make ends meet on a day to day basis without worry what you would do if you lost all your belongings.

What does renter’s insurance cover?

Since the home or apartment owner has insurance on the structure of the building, renter’s insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings. This includes not only your furniture and appliances, but your clothing and your electronics. You would likely be devastated if your computer was destroyed and you may not have the monies available to buy a new one.

To determine whether or not the cost of renter’s insurance would be worth it, make a list of your belongings and the cost of replacing them. There is a better than average chance that the total amount will surprise you showing you the need for having insurance for your protection.

Another aspect of renter’s insurance covers you in the likelihood that someone should be injured while on the property. This includes those who do not have your permission to be there. If you have a party, for example, and one of your guests slips and fall on the way out, then you are covered if this person requires medical treatment and sues you for damages. If you should inadvertently cause damage to the property of one of your neighbours, then your renter’s insurance will cover this expense as well, saving you money.

What if someone breaks into your apartment and steals some of your furniture or belongings? Renter’s insurance covers this as well. Damage sustained as a result of fire, lightning, wind, ice and hail are perils that are covered. However, in order to have coverage in the event of a flood, you will need to have extra coverage for damage caused by such an occurrence.

One thing is for sure if you rent, you can’t afford to be without renter’s insurance.