Repercussions of Driving on a Suspended License in Rhode Island

For those living in the Rhode Island area, there are serious repercussions when driving on a suspended license. It is crucially important to avoid doing so because it can affect your lifestyle and driving record considerably. According to, ‘Common license suspensions are after a reckless driving charge, or simply getting 3 moving violation traffic tickets within a year.’

Driving on a suspended license, no matter where in the world is a very serious offence. This should be avoided at all costs because the repercussions can be very harsh. In Rhode Island, driving on a suspended license for a first or a second offence is known as a misdemeanour charge. There are alternating repercussions for different numbers of offences.

If an individual is caught driving on a suspended license for a first offence, then there will be an additional length of time added to the license suspension. In this case it will normally be a minimum of 3 months. If the reason for license suspension was due to refusal of a breath test, a criminal charge or reckless driving then you will be dealt with a $500 fine and a minimum length of 10 days imprisonment in jail.

The second offence that occurs for anyone in Rhode Island on a suspended license will result in an additional 6 months of license suspension. A fine of $500 and a minimum sentence of 6 months to 1 year in jail will be applicable for an individual who had their license suspended for criminal charges. These criminal charges may include reckless or dangerous driving, driving under the influence and the refusal of a breath test.

The third offence committed when maintaining a suspended license within a 5 year period of time will consist of facing a felony. This is usually in the form of a 1 year jail sentence, a $1000 fine and up to a year extra license suspension.

All of these offences are considered a serious criminal offence and in order to sustain a healthy looking license with minimal points, you should avoid driving when you do not have the permission to do so. The repercussions of driving on a suspended license in Rhode Island may differ in comparison to the repercussions that occur in other various places. However, it is never acceptable to drive when authorities have ordered you not to, so always respect the law to avoid consequences