Repercussions of Driving on a Suspended License in Vermont

A suspended license occurs following a conviction for alcohol-impaired or drink-driving. In Vermont, there are certain repercussions of driving on a suspended license. According to, ‘In Vermont, driving while under license suspension can be treated as either a criminal or a civil violation, depending on the reason for the original license suspension.’

There a number of different ways in which a person can have their license suspended. These include, escaping responsibility following an accident, driving while under suspension, reckless driving or negligent vehicle operation, attempting to elude a police officer, driving a vehicle without the owner’s permission and driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

The first offence to be committed by the person in question would result in a suspension of up to 30 days. If another offence is committed, then the individual would be suspended for 90 days. If there is a third or subsequent offense, then six months suspension or possibly more may be valid for the conviction that has occurred.

If an individual in Vermont chooses to drive following one of these convictions, it means they would be driving on a suspended license. The repercussions of this can be quite considerable and may result in the suspected individual receiving up to 5 points on their driving record. This can dramatically affect the length in which the individual has a suspended license for, due to the law suspending a license following 10 points being acquired in a two-year period.

When driving on a suspended license in the Vermont area, certain rules and repercussions apply. Regardless of the offence committed for the individual to have their license suspended in the first place, a fine of up to $5,000 will be necessary. Along with this fine, imprisonment for up to two years may be possible. Alternatively, just one repercussion may be applicable for the particular offender.

If the first offence was that of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs then the person will serve a compulsory jail sentence of at least two, four, eight or sixteen consecutive days. This entirely depends on how many occurrences are valid in disobeying the law. Although the repercussions for driving on a suspended license can differ from place to place, these laws should be obeyed for anyone living in the Vermont area. Failure to follow these laws will result in the appropriate punishment and a bad driving record.