Requesting a Change to a Homeowners Policy

People that own their own home pay for a homeowners insurance policy and may need to make a change during the policy term. Requesting a change to a homeowners policy can be done over the phone or in person, on the internet and sometimes by mail. Depending on the type of change being made there may be an increase or decrease in the cost of the policy.

One of the most efficient and easiest ways to request a change to a homeowners policy is over the phone or in person. An insured can usually can their insurance agent or the insurance company directly to request a change be made to their policy. If all else fails an insured can talk directly to their local insurance agent to discuss any changes that need to be made to a policy. Many of the larger regional or regional insurance carriers have an automated phone system in place to handle all incoming customer calls. Many times an insured is looking to make a change to the deductible or to add a discount to their homeowners insurance policy.

Many people today have online access to make changes to their polices through their insurance company’s websites. Some insurers may however limit the amount of changes that can be made to deductibles, coverage amounts as well as the billing method. Having access to policy information online gives an insured the option to view specific information that pertains to their policy. Making a change online is a convenient way for people to make changes themselves providing they know how they will affect their policy. Some insurers may not allow certain changes because they can adversely affect an insured’s policy.

Some insurance carriers may still take requests for changes to an insured’s policy if they are sent in writing through the mail. Sending a letter is a good way to make a change to the billing method being used as well as the amount of premium that needs to be paid. Keep in mind that it will take time for a letter to go through the mail before the requested changes are made. Many insurance companies are moving away from this type of policy change request from the customer because it is time consuming and much more work that other means of communication. Make sure to request a confirmation that a letter was received or the company can claim they never received it.

Many times when a change is made to a homeowners policy especially to specific coverage or the deductible the premium for the policy can change. An insurer will usually explain any premium changes that result from making a policy change. An updated policy and billing statement should also be sent from the insurer.