Resolving the Child Support System in America

Hello and good day. My name is Brad and I’m a father of 3 awesome children. This thing that we call child support is a touchy situation from both sides. Speaking of custodial and non-custodial parents alike. At this moment and time I pay child support, which I have no problem with and never have. As being the non-custodial parent it’s imperative that money should be given for the children. However, I don’t agree with said laws. You should look yours up in your state if your unfamiliar. There is however two sides to every story and that is what is forgotten in this instance. Everyone should understand for every case there are different situations. It’s one of the reasons we’re different people. But what is to blame and how it could be fixed it another situation. First, understand that when you have a child together married or unmarried the child is still yours. I don’t go for blame or unethical reasoning and I don’t go for the law. Please understand I’m not against the law, but for it. The responsibilities lay within the parents. If you’re the custodial parent you must look at it like this. The other parent is not going to help and I must help myself and child. One of the reasons it’s a possible good way to look at this is because you can’t use your child as a crutch. I can’t do this because of this or that. There is no resolution there, only blame. The blame actually comes from guilt. Guilt in possibly knowing or feeling like your not doing enough for your child so you’d rather place blame on the other parent. I’ve seen it alot in my life. Get off your own duff and make things happen. Now for the non custodial parent. Free isn’t free because the child isn’t with you. If you look at it anyway one of the best ways is to say to yourself this is my child and not a payment. If you were doing your job the laws in said manner wouldn’t take place or even be needed. That’s one of the reasons the law is so hard to deal with. The law is the law not your parent. But if we as people do as we should there should be no problems, but then again that’s another story right?